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Grenzebach is your partner as you move from prototype and small batch production to series production of plastic and metal parts in 3D printing.

The challenge of additive manufacturing is the long production time of a component in the printer, whereas upstream and downstream production steps have significantly shorter lead times. Intelligent automation and networking are therefore required for safe, efficient series production of components in 3D printing. Together with manufacturers of 3D printers and other additive manufacturing equipment, as well as companies that use the process, we develop holistic solutions that exactly fit the respective requirements. The advantage: optimally utilized overall solutions.

Grenzebach automation technology for additive manufacturing is independent of the printing technology used. It can be implemented for both new and existing systems. Our products range from individual components to holistic automation concepts. Specifically, we network systems such as 3D printers, saws, eroding machines, furnaces and finishing systems mechanically, electronically and digitally. If tools or intelligent aids are missing from the process, we produce and develop them in-house. With our international positioning, we implement solutions for our customers worldwide.


Three reasons to automate your 3D printing equipment:

Greater efficiency

Automation intelligently and reliably networks process steps with different throughput times, such as those that occur in printing and pre- and post-processing. This enables you to achieve an optimum production flow and maximum output.

Lower cost per unit

Intelligent networking of the individual working steps allows you to make maximum use of your equipment. This enables you to produce with lower per-component costs.

Active occupational health and safety

During the post-processing of 3D-printed components, there may be health risks due to fine dust and nanoparticles. With Grenzebach automation solutions, you comply with occupational health and safety regulations and reduce risks for your employees.

Automation solutions from Grenzebach in additive manufacturing

“For manufacturers and users of 3D printing equipment, we network the various working steps in additive manufacturing processes. By automating the processes, we achieve an optimal production flow and thus efficient utilization of the equipment. In addition, our solutions make working environments safer.”


Oliver Helbert Head of Business Development
Oliver Elbert Head of Additive Manufacturing at Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

We integrate and network the following process steps for you



  • Unboxing of 3D printed components
  • Depowdering


  • Component geometry
  • Surface quality
  • Component sorting


  • Heat treatment
  • Removal of support structures
  • Separation from the building platform

Surface treatment

  • Blasting
  • Polishing
  • Dyeing

Free web seminar recordings for powder bed-based Additive Manufacturing

What are the benefits of automating 3D printing? What topics do I need to consider if I want to increase the productivity of my powder bed-based additive manufacturing? We and EOS answered these questions and more during this series.


Watch our free recordings and stay one step ahead of the market!

Success Stories & Case Studies

Technology revolution: automated depowdering for large 3D manufactured metal components

Success Story

SLM Solutions trusts Grenzebach's expertise in the development and process automation of a depowdering solution for their NXG XII 600 3D printer. The DPS NXG solution impresses with several remarkable technical features.


Additive manufacturing for the aerospace industry

Quality metal components for the aerospace industry

Case Study Metal

Series production of quality metal components via industrial 3D printing was the goal of the NextGenAM (Next Generation Additive Manufacturing) innovation project. Aerospace supplier Premium AEROTEC, automotive manufacturer Daimler and technology provider EOS developed an integrated, automated process chain for this purpose. Grenzebach contributed to the project’s success as a solution supplier to EOS.


Additive manufactured plastic parts for the automotive industry

Additively manufactured plastic parts for the automotive industry

Case Study Polymer

The POLYLINE lighthouse project aims to integrate additive manufacturing processes for plastic parts into conventional series production in automotive manufacturing. Grenzebach is contributing its automation expertise.


Automation equipment from Grenzebach


Driverless transport systems and goods carriers

Automated guided vehicles with goods carriers

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) help make processes more flexible in the long term. We will find the right AGV for your requirements in our extensive portfolio. Depending on your needs, suitable goods carriers can be used open or closed (with/without inert gas).

Machine Fitting

Machine Fitting

We develop, design and build interfaces for existing equipment, such as ports or attachments. In this way, we enable a safe, efficient automated process.

Robot cells

Robot cells

Gripping of individual components or containers for small load carriers (KLT containers), unpacking of carrier plates or inspection of the produced parts: we execute the full spectrum of stand-alone solutions, up to the 7th axis, and integrate robots from different manufacturers.

Transport and handling technology

Transport and handling technology

Permanently installed conveyor lines supplement driverless transport systems if required. Material is delivered just in time, components are transported individually or on the build platform (build box, job box, cylinder, depending on the manufacturer).

Inspection solutions

Inspection solutions

We inspect the quality of the produced components via 2D/3D image processing systems directly in the process chain, including part recognition and sorting on request. This is possible both inline on the conveyor line and via robot-guided inspection systems.

3D Printing Software Integration

Software integration

For trouble-free processes: the entire 3D printing process, including upstream and downstream areas, is digitally mapped and controllable.

Service from the start


With our solutions, you not only master the challenges of additive series production but also benefit from our comprehensive service offerings. As an automation partner, we are at your side in all phases of your system’s lifecycle: from development to planning and implementation to utilization.

We make sure that the technology you invest in keeps its promise. Count on Grenzebach for added value and durability. We live service.

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