You will never walk alone

26.03.2020 - Grenzebach not only continues to support customers, but also extends and simplifies service case handling to ensure optimal support.

Grenzebach not only continues to support customers, but also extends and simplifies service case handling to ensure optimal support.

In Europe, radio stations joined forces last Friday and played the well-known song “You’ll never walk alone” simultaneously. Grenzebach now joins in and assures customers that they can always rely on the comprehensive customer support.

In the current situation customers may face unexpected downtimes or absences of staff and experts. Grenzebach’s goal is to always support customers and help them to overcome those unforeseen challenges and to keep their business running. “The optimal utilization of plants and machines is what drives us in our daily business”, says Wolfgang Volz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of the Business Unit Customer Service at Grenzebach. Therefore, the service hotline will remain available 24 hours, 365 days a year. “For us it is – especially in this situation – most important to be available for customers and their plant staff in case they need us”, adds Wolfgang Volz.

Extended and simplified Service case handling

Grenzebach offers comprehensive service concepts for all customers. Individual requirements and circumstances are decisive to provide best possible support. Service contract customers benefit from several advantages such as faster reaction times and prioritized support. Due to the extraordinary circumstances, Grenzebach has decided to temporarily adapt and to offer extended service. Thus, also customers without a service contract can rely on fast reaction times, precise and reliable analysis and a quick resolution. “This special situation requires exceptional measures. We will answer calls, emails and inquiries of all customers as quickly as possible. Our experienced service technicians are happy to assist in the identification and reasonable stocking of critical spare parts and we will do our best to ship urgently needed spare parts in the shortest possible time”, says Wolfgang Volz.

Grenzebach adapts and continues working

Besides the extended service offer, Grenzebach of course also continues to work on customer projects. “All our staff is working very hard to compensate the impact on our external and internal projects. I am very proud how well we managed to adapt and how we are handling this situation so far”, says Renato Luck, CEO of the Grenzebach Group. The current, valid global travel regulations and the high utilization in logistics are closely monitored by Grenzebach experts. But the most important matter is the health and safety of all employees and partners. “To allow best possible infection prevention and to prepare for the time after the situation has stabilized, we have taken several measures. We are more flexible regarding working times and have expanded our remote working capabilities”, says Renato Luck. The team continues to work on projects, communication channels and working methods are adapted and impacts are so far limited to a minimum.

Joint forces and a strong partnership are vital in turbulent times

Both Renato Luck and Wolfgang Volz are confident that Grenzebach has taken the necessary precautions and are unanimously emphasizing the company’s customer orientation. “In times like these it is more than ever important to stick together, work hand in hand and continue to have a strong and resilient partnership with our customers. We will do everything we can, and we will always be there for them. You can be sure that you will never walk alone!”