15.03.2018 - The Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Swabia honored the Donauwörth Heilig Kreuz secondary school and Grenzebach with the Wilhelm-Hübsch-Award.

The students and teachers of "Heilig Kreuz" together with Grenzebach won second place of the Wilhelm-Hübsch-Award. To celebrate the 175 year existence of the CCI Swabia, the regional assemblies honor four school partnerships in total. With the second place, Heilig Kreuz secondary school will receive 3,000 Euro. "It is very important to us to support local students with their career choices and trigger their fascination for technology. We are very happy that our commitment is rewarded with the Wilhelm-Hübsch Award", says Sonja Grenzebach-Proeller, main shareholder of the Grenzebach Group and member of the Board of Management of the Donau-Ries CCI regional assembly. 

The cooperation with the Heilig Kreuz secondary school for boys was first started around the millennium. Grenzebach’s intention was to familiarize students with the World Wide Web. With that, an efficient student and administrative network was created, including "Internet Islands" in class rooms. Over the years, many projects and formats of cooperation were added, such as the construction of a soccer goal wall for the internal boarding school and music performances of students at Grenzebach company celebrations. Within the last 20 years a strong network between school and company has developed.

Technology and Education

The focus is to develop the students' enthusiasm for technique and technology and to inform them about different education and employment options. Ninth graders can gain insights into the Grenzebach training center. Parents, students and employees talk about potential career paths. Teachers receive information about innovative technologies at first hand.  Most recently, the focus was on Industry 4.0. Interested students approach this topic in a playful way while bringing robots to live with kits provided by Grenzebach. "The frequent exchange between the company and the teachers has made the partnership very solid over the years. We know whom to contact at Grenzebach - and our questions always meet open ears", says Joachim Düsing, principal of the "Heilig Kreuz" secondary school.

The company and the school help one another which allowed Grenzebach to continuously provide apprenticeship positions to graduates of Heilig Kreuz.

Intensive and Innovative Partnership

This partnership convinced the CCI jury members. When granting the award, they pay special attention to innovative approaches, duration and intensity of the partnership, and dynamics in cooperation.

The Wilhelm-Hübsch award is presented in remembrance of the exemplary social and education policy commitment of the former CCI president. Shortly after Hübsch had taken this position, he died 1975 in a tragic accident.