US Gouverneur in Hamlar

13.07.2016 - Transatlantic Training Exchange: Leading politicians from Georgia, USA visit Grenzebach and sign the Golden Book of the community of Asbach-Bäumenheim.

It is memorable days when leading politicians from the U.S. are eager to look over the shoulders of young talents in Hamlar. A high-ranking political and business delegation, headed by Nathan Deal, the Governor of the State of Georgia visits the Grenzebach training center. The State of Georgia is the first federal state within the United States to start a dual program of vocational education and training based on the German apprenticeship model for high school students. For many years now, Grenzebach with its subsidiary in Newnan, Georgia has been promoting the German style education and training in collaboration with the German-American Chamber of Commerce. The program kicks off with 11 high school students completing their practical semester in a select group of companies with the students being compensated for their time at the companies.

“The low unemployment rate in the Donau-Ries county is a result of the high commitment and responsibility of such companies like Grenzebach who contributes to education and training,” said county commissioner Stefan Rößle. Oliver Heckemann, Managing Director Vocational Education at the Swabian Chamber of Commerce, explained to the guests from Georgia the importance of German organizations that have the dual vocational training. “Grenzebach is setting a new benchmark in vocational training. One step in that direction is the dual training program now offered at the Newnan Georgia subsidiary. The future industrial mechanics will undergo the same Chamber of Industry and Commerce examination as their fellow apprentices in Germany.”

Renato Luck, Grenzebach Group CEO, appreciates the recognition for Grenzebach’s training programs. “The transatlantic exchange is of crucial importance for us in today's Industry 4.0 age. We are delighted to be able to give our guests from Georgia an insight into our work”, said Renato Luck.

Governor Deal and his companions from the worlds of politics and business were impressed by the Hamlar training center. Grenzebach is currently training 56 young people in dual study courses and various apprenticeship programs.