Traditional Grenzebach Apprentice Day

01.09.2016 - Over 60 % honored for outstanding achievements.

For the 9th year in a row Grenzebach stages the traditional Apprentice Day with this year's 16 new apprentices and students starting off in the high-tech company based in Hamlar.

„It's my second Grenzebach Apprentice Day and I am proud of the company commitment and our apprentice achievements“, says CEO Renato Luck in his welcome address. Bettina Kräußlich, representing the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Reinhold Bittner, Deputy County Commissioner, Nico Hippe, 3rd Mayor of the Community of Asbach-Bäumenheim, and Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Eberhard Schurk, Augsburg University Chancellor, concurred with his view in their own welcome addresses. 

All guests agreed that Grenzebach be a model company in the region. Reinhold Bittner conveyed the County Commissioner's greetings and thanked Grenzebach for advocating the region in such an exemplary way. Grenzebach were always ready to strengthen the County with good schools and training opportunities. The incentive in this commitment were to offer young people a chance in the region to counteract migration to cities. 

Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Eberhard Schurk, Augsburg University Chancellor, affirmed and highlighted the Grenzebach stake in the TCW that helped Nördlingen become a university location. Meanwhile Grenzebach and the Augsburg University foster a long-standing and close partnership. The new, regionally embedded „Digital and Regional“ online study concept initiated by the Augsburg, Kempten and Neu-Ulm universities benefit from Grenzebach support.

„The Grenzebach commitment to professional training has a long tradition“, commended Bettina Kräußlich on behalf of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Grenzebach indeed deserve to be titled a professional training „pioneer“. Grenzebach were the first Donau-Ries County company to provide the dual study program. The current implementation of the „German Style“ education and training in the US State of Georgia be cause for shared pride. Through its Newnan subsidiary Grenzebach has been promoting this model for many years. In July Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia, visited Grenzebach with a high ranking political delegation and recognized this commitment. 

Nico Hippe congratulated on behalf of the community of Asbach-Bäumenheim and praised the social involvement of both company and apprentices. He highlighted the „Grenzebach Aid“ welfare project that already supported several welfare facilities in the community. 

„Today we honor over 60% of our apprentices and students for a grade point average over 2.0. This is an impressive performance. Grenzebach sets out an absolute benchmark in training,“ stated Renato Luck in his address. „We aim to support and to sustainably enhance this commitment in the future also.“

Renato Luck concluded with a commendation for the „Grenzebach Aid“ welfare project the apprentices manage. In the past school year they attended a class of refugees at the Donauwörth vocational training school. Renato Luck thanked the apprentices and their coaches for their commitment. This reflects in a particular way the great importance of traditional values and social skills in the company.