Success through education

15.02.2019 - Success story: Noori Abdulhamed from Syria, apprentice at Grenzebach, on Bavarian television.

Vocational training as an important building block to a successful life in Germany: A documentary on Bavarian television that tells the story of Noori Abdulhamed who escaped from Syria and came to Grenzebach in Hamlar to enroll in an apprenticeship program to be trained as an electronic technician for production engineering. The Bavarian BR television station documented Noori’s training at Grenzebach for their series, “Abendschau - der Süden” (evening news – the South): Erich Rößner, the instructor of the 24-year-old trainee teaches him how to wire an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). Another clip: Noori Abdulhamed successfully navigates an AGV through the show room in the new Intralogistics Center via his tablet.

Studying for the first final exam

Insights into his 2nd apprenticeship year; Currently Noori Abdulhamed is busy studying for his first final exam. In total, the program lasts three and a half years. The 24-year-old is already considering a dual study program once he finishes his apprenticeship. "It was very exciting to participate in this interview for the television station and to peek behind the curtains of this TV series", says Noori Abdulhamed.

Connecting through the trainee project

Noori joined Grenzebach in 2016 via a project at the Berufsschule (vocational school) in Donauwörth. With “Grenzebach hilft”, trainees from Hamlar supported a refugee class in cooperation with the Kolping academy.

He left Syria in 2015

Noori Abdulhamed is from the Syrian city Deirezzor, about 200 km east of Aleppo. In August of 2015 he escaped the war and came to Germany. Judith Zacher, BR correspondent, first noticed Noori at the Anker Donauwörth e.V. association where he volunteered to help other refugees. His friend Basel Karnoub did the same. The TV series reports about the future pharmacist as well. Both, Basel and Noori, successfully completed a training to become cultural mediators to be able to support other refugees who arrive in Donauwörth.

Commitment beyond work life

“We very much appreciate that the Bavarian television has selected the success story of Noori for this documentary. This shows all of our apprentices that their commitment reaches well beyond their work life and that “Grenzebach helps” establishes important connections in the county of Donau-Ries”, says Verena Geitner, who is in charge of the apprenticeship programs. Altawil Ahmad who also works at Grenzebach in Hamlar is another great example. He is from Damaskus and currently also in his 2nd apprenticeship year to become an electronic technician for production engineering.

An open, value-teaching education has always been a top priority for Grenzebach. The company meets with students in the area to tell them about the different programs and possibilities in Hamlar; Chamber of Industry and Commerce school partnerships.