Stacking devices for extraordinary situations

02.05.2016 - Architectural glass panes are required in ever larger formats. Grenzebach assists its customers with efficient and XXL Jumbo Stackers.

Glass is becoming more and more important in modern architecture incorporating futuristic looking glass structures. Glass manufacturers are challenged to reliably produce very large and heavy glass panes. Grenzebach has developed an overhead stacker for glass panes of up to 16 metres in length and 2.7 tons in weight and is now positioned to go even larger to accommodate buildings designed with glass increasing in size.

Grenzebach supports manufacturers in keeping up with this latest trend. Extra-Extra-Large Jumbo Stackers are in higher demand than ever before. These devices easily handle glass plates with a length of up to 24 meters (78.74 ft.). One of these multi-gantry stackers, combining two individual portal devices into a synchronized portal stacking plant unit will soon be installed in China. In load sharing mode, the custom-built gantry can de-stack Extra-Extra-Large individual plates in tandem to up to 4 rack positions and same in single mode for jumbo and medium panes. Integrated rotating functions provide full flexibility. Manufacturers of any format are in good hands at Grenzebach.