Ready, steady, go!

12.05.2017 - 44 runners from the high-tech company started at the M-net company run in Augsburg.

11 teams of 4 from the Hamlar and Aichach location participated in the M-net company run in Augsburg on Thursday. The starting team for the 6.3km run was Renato Luck, CEO of the Grenzebach Group with his wife and his two daughters. "Taking part is everything! For the company run we are completely in line with the Olympic motto", says Luck.

It’s Grenzebach’s 3rd time participating in the Augsburg company run and sponsoring a pavilion with thirst quenchers and snacks for the runners. Grenzebach’s fastest time for male runners was 24.37 minutes, Andreas Mathe; the fastest time for female runners was 30.00 minutes, Miriam Steinhöfer. Two teams of apprentices also joined the run under the motto "Grenzebach helps" - for this year's project, the construction of an age-appropriate bench for the Bavarian Red Cross in Donauwörth.

All 44 Grenzebach runners wore brand-new company shirts. "Participating in the Augsburg company run has become quite a tradition for our team", says Peter Marcinkowski, Head of Human Resources (HR) at Grenzebach.

After the company run is before the company run! Everybody might be a little curious what the weather conditions will be like next year. After a heat wave in 2015, pouring rain in 2016, and light drizzle in 2017, one thing though is certain: Grenzebach will be participating again in 2018 - regardless of the weather conditions.