Quick and smooth capacity upgrade

24.06.2019 - Grenzebach raises plasterboard output of TECHNOGIPS Pro plant in Bulgaria by 50 %

TECHNOGIPS Pro, a member of Balkanstroy Group of Companies (BS Group), has consistently extended its business in the field of gypsum products for the construction sector. In order to meet rising market demand and secure capacity for its ambitious expansion plan, the Bulgaria-based manufacturer decided to upgrade the capacity of its Grenzebach plant by 50 %. The Grenzebach BSH technology at TECHNOGIPS Pro covers the entire product process, from the raw gypsum to the finished plasterboard. The Bulgarian producer sells its gypsum materials and building elements to a number of European countries - and for one year now has been able to rely on an increased production output.

Intense cooperation between the teams

The decision to upgrade was finalised in mid-2017, and at the end of the same year Grenzebach already completed the preassembly work on site. The shutdown period could be reduced to a minimum – and since the second quarter of 2018 production has been running at 150 percent. "Completing a complex plant upgrade within an ambitious time frame in a reliable and efficient manner is always a challenge. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the TECHNOGIPS Pro and Grenzebach teams, everything went smoothly," says Christian Gärtner, Sales Manager at Grenzebach.

Modular dryer design

The upgrade included the extension of the handling and conveying systems, the gas-fired cross-flow dryer and its heat exchanger. The modular design of the cross-flow jet dryer makes this very easy.

Highly energy-efficient heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is designed for efficient utilization of the energy still contained in the exhaust from the drying process. The recuperated energy is used to heat the fresh air taken in and is thus returned to the drying process. Christian Gärtner: "When planning new plants and also when doing upgrades, conserving natural resources to the extent possible is a major concern of ours. This is why the heat exchanger, which makes a significant contribution to energy efficiency, was adapted accordingly.“

The Grenzebach specialists also installed a new dunnage machine at TECHNOGIPS Pro. This machine cuts plasterboards into strips which TECHNOGIPS Pro  uses instead of wooden pallets when packaging the board stacks. The stacks are wrapped in film and are thus ready for shipment.

Planned with foresight a decade ago

TECHNOGIPS Pro and its technology supplier Grenzebach had designed the original plant with foresight for a possible extension already a good ten years ago. In 2007/2008, the Grenzebach specialists had installed a plaster plant with a hammer mill calcining system, board line and mixing plant and provided assistance during commissioning.  The companies kept a close contact over all the years, so the upgrade could be planned and completed quickly and smoothly.

Customized dryer for best results

The modular design of the cross-flow jet dryer not only made it easy to add more sections, the cross-flow configuration allows multiple airflow zones with short flow paths allowing airflow and temperature characteristics that can be optimized for the best drying schedule for each individual product type. The drying air flows vertically onto the boards from above and below through hole-type nozzles in the jet box. This arrangement protects the cut board edge from being burnt in the dryer.
The equipment design and settings are such that an optimum board quality is obtained in the shortest possible drying time.

Higher output and longer service life

"What matters to us when we do upgrades is not just to provide our customers with a higher output but also to increase the productivity and service life of the equipment and systems," emphasizes Christian Gärtner. The Grenzebach experts are available to the gypsum industry to give advice and also carry out the upgrade, including process optimization, plant overhaul, and modification of the hardware and software.

Complete package for the gypsum industry

The Grenzebach technology covers the entire production process in the gypsum industry; whether gypsum board, gypsum block, stucco or gypsum plaster production. The portfolio ranges from the installation of individual pieces of equipment up to planning and building turn-key plants.