No school, time for High-Tech

23.11.2017 - Children's program for Prayer and Repentance holiday in Germany

During this year’s Day of Prayer and Repentance, school kids had the fun opportunity to act like engineers at Grenzebach while developing small driving robots and navigating them through an obstacle course. This is part of "Grenzebach’s Experience" program with a total of 19 children participating during this year’s holiday.

With events like this one, Grenzebach directly contributes to a more balanced family and work life. "On the Day of Prayer and Repentance, school is closed in some states in Germany while parents still have to work.  With these type of programs, Grenzebach supports its employees", says Peter Marcinkowski, Head of the Human Resources department at Grenzebach.

The day started out with a breakfast in our cafeteria for school kids ages 6 to 12 followed by a company tour. Next stop: Robot design. The afternoon program offered cookie baking as well as arts and crafts which was a fun opportunity for the kids to get creative and bring something home for the Christmas season.