Muliaglass focuses on Grenzebach

04.10.2016 - Floatglass line in Indonesia successfully in operation since 1990 - now the facility will undergo modernization.

Muliaglass in Indonesia is working with a float glass line from Grenzebach for more than a quarter of a century now. Back in 1990, Grenzebach supplied the first so-called "Cold End" of a float glass line to Muliaglass. The system was already modernized once; now, Muliaglass has ordered the second cold repair. The line has already shown its reliability and longevity for more than 26 years - a story to be continued. The upcoming modernization especially focuses on the control system and the “know-how components” such as the core of the Cold End, i.e. the Cutting Equipment. 

The Grenzebach expertise regarding the float glass equipment is highly appreciated by customers all over the world.  Today, more than 300 lines are in operation. The first float glass system was supplied by Grenzebach in 1975 to a German manufacturer. Since then:  40 years of progress. Width, length and thickness of the glass ribbon have changed. Initially, we had classic glass lines with a width of around 3 m. The biggest glass sheet had a length of 6 m. Nowadays, the Grenzebach equipment can handle glass sheets with 5 m in width and up to 20 m in length. For daily outputs up to 1200 tons. 

And in the times of Industry 4.0 there are further quantum leaps - especially when referring to the equipment's control system. Today's facilities dispose of automatic defect inspection systems with cut-to-size optimization and defect detection systems. The overall control system of the equipment includes data of all equipment parts, combines them, evaluates them and uses them for optimum control and adjustment. 

Many recent developments will be part of the modernization of the Muliaglass equipment. All in all, the company in Indonesia has three Grenzebach lines in Operation.