May the best Formula 1 car win: 3, 2, 1 – go!

11.02.2022 - From zero to hero – Grenzebach accompanies the two-year physics seminar at Donauwörth Gymnasium. Hands-on additive manufacturing!

  • In 2020, a new physics seminar started at Donauwörth Gymnasium.
  • Automation specialist Grenzebach accompanies the two-year project and assists with career and study choices as well as project work.
  • During the practical part of the seminar, the students have to design a small-scale 3D-printed Formula 1 car, test it in the wind tunnel and then on the race track.


HAMLAR, DONAUWÖRTH/ Germany. To be part of an F-1 team and work behind the scenes is probably a childhood dream shared by many. For the students taking part in the physics seminar (p-seminar) 2020-2022 of the Donauwörth Gymnasium this dream came true. In three teams of five, the students designed and built their own small-scale Formula 1 car using 3D CAD software and additive manufacturing processes. Although not in Monaco, the race cars did compete against each other in Schweinfurt at the end of 2021. Throughout the two-year p-seminar, Grenzebach provided the groups with advice based on many years of experience and knowledge in the field of training, studies and additive manufacturing.

Pit stop at Grenzebach

Grenzebach has supported the seminars for many years now. Therefore, a pit stop at the automation specialist based in Hamlar is an integral part: "We explore our company together with the students for career and study orientation, practice job interviews and give advice on the ideal job application", says Verena Geitner, Training Officer at Grenzebach.

Grenzebach also assisted the students in their project work. Oliver Elbert, Head of Additive Manufacturing at Grenzebach, and his whole team guided the students through the design process using the CAD software, as well as the selection of suitable 3D printing processes and possible printing providers.

From zero to hero – fueled for the future!

The two-year physics seminar is an integral part of the curriculum at Donauwörth Gymnasium. The students have the chance to gain information about jobs, training and studies directly from local companies such as Grenzebach. Furthermore, theory and practice are combined in a fun way as part of the project work. Grenzebach and the Donauwörth Gymnasium have cherished their cooperative partnership for many years; so Grenzebach regularly supports the p-seminar.