M+Eine Story: Grenzebach apprentices awarded

14.11.2018 - Prize for photo documentation from the AusbildungsOffensive-Bayern.

Congratulations! With stories about Grenzebach’s vocational training, apprentices who participated in the “M+Eine Story” competition from the AusbildungsOffensive-Bayern (Bavarian Training Offensive) were awarded prize money in the amount of 250 Euros. Wiring control cabinets and machines and sending an Automated Guided Vehicle on a test run: With the M+Eine Story by Elia from Grenzebach, 3rd training year, the team of apprentices describes with pictures and text what a regular work week in the life of a future electronic technician for industrial engineering could look like. The story delivers insights into the Hamlar Apprentices Training Center. Elia mentions that important information is sometimes shared during the morning coffee talk with other apprentices – or during the second break with the colleagues. Also part of the M+Eine Story: The adolescents meet with refugees, whom they helped with vocational school, for cook-outs and to play soccer and basketball. And upon initiative of the youth training representation, all Grenzebach apprentices get to race go-carts together – a highlight for everybody at the end of a successful M+Eine Story.

Committed beyond company premises

"The story of Elia shows just how versatile education at Grenzebach can be – and that value-based commitment of our youth reaches far beyond the company premises", says Verena Geitner, responsible for education within the Grenzebach H&R department.

Awarded for strong team performance

The award from the AusbildungsOffensive-Bayern stands for strong team performance. The apprentices took pictures, came up with things to write and worked closely together to describe the educational steps to becoming an electronic technician as lively, informative and entertaining as possible. The decision was made to start with M+Eine Story by Elia; 20 strong images showing Elia on a lifting platform with a phase tester or tablet accompanied by 20 strong story lines guiding through Elia's work week.

More than 2,800 companies behind the jury

A piece of work that impressed the competition jury of the AusbildungsOffensiveBayern; this initiative of Bavarian metal and electric employers features a total of 2,800 employers from the Free State of Bavaria. Apprentices provide students with valuable insights into their work and show them different processes within the company. The Grenzebach apprentices delivered all that and received their award on Tuesday, November 6th in the Jochen-Schweizer arena in Munich-Taufkirchen.

During the festive award ceremony they could enjoy what professional chefs served and athletes presented to honor the M+Eine-Story authors: a 3-course-menu and a show act by Auto Di Takt wowed the apprentices.