Kudos to our scholarship holders!

26.10.2017 - Anna Jakobs and Michael Greiner, students at the University of Augsburg, are receiving scholarships from Grenzebach and the Grenzebach foundation.

Ready to immerse into the exciting college life! To contribute to society! To be open-minded! Supporting our professionally and socially engaged students has been a strong tradition in Hamlar. With Michael Greiner, scholarship holder of the Rudolf-Maria-Grenzebach foundation and Anna Jakobs, scholarship holder of Grenzebach, the tradition will now continue. By awarding these scholarships, Grenzebach acknowledges the outstanding achievements of Michael and Anna while offering them great opportunities within our high-tech company.

"Promoting students and higher education in our region is very important to us. This is the best way to ensure sustainable internationally relevant innovations made in Bavarian Swabia", says Sonja Grenzebach-Proeller during a meeting with the scholarship holders in Hamlar. Sonja Grenzebach-Proeller is the main shareholder of the Grenzebach Group and university council at the FH Augsburg.

At the Augsburg University, Anna Jakobs is enrolled in mechanical engineering while Michael Greiner studies electro technology. The scholarships support the students with 300 Euros a month for two semesters, one year.  The scholarship programs have been in place since 2011 with a total of twelve scholarship holders.

How to receive a scholarship: The applicant has to be enrolled at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering or Electro Technology at the Augsburg University. Furthermore, the student must prove an average score of 2.0 (3,0 GPA) or better.  Applicants should have completed all basic courses and advanced to the secondary level of their education. Besides diligence and hard work at the university, they should display a high degree of social commitment. The students apply at the FH Augsburg. Grenzebach will then sort through all applications and invite students to individual interviews. In the end, two finalists will be chosen to receive the scholarships. 

This year, Anna Jakobs and Michael Greiner successfully applied for the scholarship programs. "The scholarship is not binding in any way, but Grenzebach does of course appreciate active exchange with the students", says Sonja Grenzebach-Proeller. Michael Wolf, Head of Education at Grenzebach explains that the possibilities for cooperation within the company range from internships to working student opportunities all the way to writing your Master Thesis at Grenzebach.