Innovative Intralogistics: Two shows on two continents

13.02.2020 - Grenzebach with new VR application and area monitoring at LogiMAT 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany, and Goods-to-Person solution on live display at MODEX in Atlanta, USA.

Grenzebach with new VR application and area monitoring at LogiMAT 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany, and Goods-to-Person solution on live display at MODEX in Atlanta, USA.

This year, LogiMAT in Stuttgart and MODEX in Atlanta, two of the major intralogistics shows worldwide, will take place at the same time. Grenzebach has refined its intralogistics solutions for business and manufacturing companies. On both continents the company will be presented with holistic solutions for consulting, hardware, software and service based on the slogan “Transforming Intralogistics”.

LogiMAT (March 10 – 12 in Stuttgart, Germany) is one of the main shows for the intralogistics industry in Europe. This year, for the first time, an entire hall will be dedicated to Automated Guided Vehicles. In hall 2 at booth D05, Grenzebach will show how companies from all industries can take advantage of the potential within intralogistics. “Following our vision of “Transforming Intralogistics”, we at Grenzebach offer a holistic approach, supported by our digitization platform (SERICY), enhanced VR products and a new innovative feature to proactively detect obstacles on the navigation route, all of which contribute to your company’s increased safety, efficiency, ergonomics and profitability.”, says David Schwebel, who just became Global Head of Intralogistics at Grenzebach in January 2020.

eCommerce: Practical training with VR glasses

eCommerce is booming. Grenzebach proves how companies can increase efficiency in commissioning, shorten delivery times and thus ensure competitive advantages with a Goods-to-Person solution, including a Grenzebach L600 Automated Guided Vehicle. At the Pick-Gate, for display at the booth, goods can be pulled from or put in the warehouse using Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light technology in real and virtual reality. The VR application, which visitors can experience at the show, is used for employee training or remote maintenance. “VR technology allows us to train employees in commissioning prior to implementing a Goods-to-Person system. The equipment can be used immediately upon completing the system integration. A clear advantage regarding time and efficiency”, says Philipp Marb, Product Management Software Solutions Intralogistics at Grenzebach.

Area monitoring for the Smart Factory

What about obstacles, such as protruding parts or forks of a forklift in the Smart Factory?

The people-safe Grenzebach L1200S now comes with a new feature for improved obstacle detection for Automated Goods Transport solutions. So far, the L1200S Automated Guided Vehicle was scanning the floor for possible obstacles at about ankle height. The new system detects objects in a larger area, which the current sensor is not able to identify. Speed and load are also taken into consideration. “This will help our customers to further reduce downtimes in intralogistics”, says Marb. For analytic reasons any information collected by the system is stored as a schematic diagram. People and objects are only classified but cannot be identified in detail.

Safe travels halfway around the world with the L600

At LogiMAT 2020, Grenzebach will show the robustness, longevity and reliability of the in-house manufactured AGVs by the example of the L600, which has been utilized for several years now in a Goods-to-Person solution of an eCommerce provider. The vehicle travelled about 17,000 km – which equals half the earth’s perimeter – at highest availability. “Grenzebach has many years of experience with the development and production of Automated Guided Vehicles. Customers from all over the world and different industries appreciate the level of performance and robustness of our products. At LogiMAT we will emphasize this with our own data”, says Erwin Herre, Product Management Hardware Solutions Intralogistics at Grenzebach.

Service - a critical factor

Grenzebach offers service concepts which are tailored to customer requirements. “Grenzebach understands service all around; it’s all about your up-time – for us, this includes proactive support services such as predictive maintenance plans, right-timed updates of software aligned with your ever changing business requirements and customer conditions”, says David Schwebel. For example, an application based on the SERICY digitization platform developed by Grenzebach allows for an overview on battery life cycles at any time as well as for intelligent control of the vehicle’s charging times. 

Transforming Intralogistics: with SERICY as your digitalization platform

With SERICY, users can digitally link and long-lastingly optimize all of their processes in the value-added chain. Components and plants of various manufacturers can be integrated, their data collected, managed and evaluated. This is a very exciting and innovative way to control intralogistics holistically and to make the data of daily operation available to all departments whether it is controlling, work safety or others. Another plus is that SERICY is open for developing customized applications. This offers a lot of flexibility for the realization of completely new technological developments, which are not yet known of, even by experts. At the booth, the IIoT platform will be on live display.

Focus on Goods-to-Person solutions at MODEX in Atlanta, USA

In the meantime the visitors at MODEX (March 9 – 12) in Atlanta, Georgia, can experience Grenzebach Intralogistics solutions at close range. The Goods-to-Person solution with Grenzebach L600 vehicles will be on exhibit on two levels at the Grenzebach booth (hall B | booth 8613). Visitors will be able to commission goods at the picking station to experience themselves just how simple, reliable and ergonomic picking with a Goods-to-Person solution by Grenzebach really is. A large presentation area offers lectures around the clock providing the opportunity to gain important insights for day-to-day working praxis with intralogistics in general and the Grenzebach solutions in particular. MODEX takes place every other year, alternating with ProMAT. The two shows are the leading intralogistics shows in the United States.


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