Home match for Automated Guided Vehicles

25.07.2018 - Two L1200S support Grenzebach workers with automated transportation of components.

Next Stop – Welding shop! When a new component is finished in the metal sheet manufacturing and on its way to the next process step, transportation is carried out by an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). Two L1200S are in operation daily in Hamlar supporting the shop workers in lifting heavy components and covering larger distances. Transportation between warehouse, metal sheet manufacturing, welding shop, mechanical processing, paint shop and quality assurance is executed fully automated. “Our production team is able to rely on a continuous material flow and can therefore focus on other tasks”, says Ralf Jäger, Chief Operating Officer of the Grenzebach Group.

Readily available for potential buyers

At Grenzebach in Hamlar, employees control the L1200S with tablets at eight stations on the production floor. The L1200S are managed by the Grenzebach Fleet Manager; all transportation routes are monitored closely and navigated efficiently. The Fleet Manager is the control center for the Grenzebach Intralogistics. Via the control stand in the office and a large screen display in the warehouse, all employees who partake have complete transparency of all activities. “Using the AGVs in our own production halls, we are able to study the technology in more detail and make improvements to fully satisfy our customer’s requirements. Those who are interested in purchasing the L1200S can witness a real life application”, says Uwe Dopf, Senior Vice President Business Intralogistics.

Safe and foresighted

The L1200S handle 32 Grenzebach goods carriers which can also be used as manual carriages. When the vehicles need power they are re-charged with special inductive battery charging mats. Staff and automated guided vehicles can interact quite easily: with the integrated staff safety sensor technology and free shape navigation, the L1200S can be smoothly integrated into the inner-company environment; special protective areas are not needed. Furthermore, the two vehicles are directly integrated into the Hamlar fire alarm system. In case of a fire the L1200S automatically clear the way for the fire brigade. During regular operations, we have ensured free AGV travel between the individual manufacturing workshops. The gates between the workshops open and close automatically when a L1200S approaches.

Next stop welding workshop! The L1200S can transport very heavy work pieces. The vehicles transport loads of up to 1.2 tons length – or crosswise. They can rotate on the spot and travel with speeds of up to one meter per second. Celebrating the official kick off, employees from manufacturing, intralogistics and management could witness the L1200S with its sophisticated features; the AGVs even served buttered pretzels and beverages. This also impressed Renato Luck, CEO of the Grenzebach Group. Strong, flexible and safe – confident home match for the L1200S.