Grenzebach rolling out the “German Style Apprenticeship“ in the state of Georgia.

06.07.2016 - Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal visits the Grenzebach headquarters in Hamlar.

It might seem as if the Presidential Election is the only headline these days, however, there are still other interesting developments happening in the United States:
As the first state in the United States, Georgia is introducing a new schooling program based on the German apprenticeship model.

The program, named GA CATT (Georgia Consortium for Advanced Technical Training), is the first of its kind in the United States. For several years now, companies such as Grenzebach have been working together with the German-American Chamber of Commerce to offer more practical knowledge in schools.

Martin Pleyer, Chief Operation Officer of Grenzebach Corporation in Newnan, Georgia, is convinced of the German Style Apprenticeship Program: "It is a huge advantage for the kids to receive practical experience while they are still in school. Grenzebach is very active and involved with various projects supporting educational institutions. Together with our “College and Career Academy", for instance, we offer high school students the opportunity to participate in welding courses rewarding them with certificates upon completion.”

Single partnerships and smaller projects, most companies can manage themselves but that is only a small piece of the puzzle according to Pleyer. The current educational system in the US does not have anything remotely comparable to the German apprenticeship program. "It is very difficult to recruit skilled employees and keep them long term", continues Pleyer.

"In collaboration with Grenzebach in Hamlar, we have been working consistently on refocusing politics to take a closer look at the educational system while looking for reliable partners at the Chamber of Foreign Trade as well as other manufacturing companies", says Pleyer. Politicians and companies from Georgia traveled to Grenzebach in Hamlar to tour their Training Centre with its multitude of opportunities.  "Most of them could not believe that even smaller workshops invest in the education of young people and pay them wages for going through the program." Little by little we were able to convince everybody of the huge advantages that come with the implementation of an apprenticeship program building up and maintaining a loyal staff of skilled employees.

In the meantime, "German Style Apprenticeship" has arrived in Georgia. The program kicks off with 11 students going through practical phases in selected companies combined with classroom work.

More information about the "German Style Apprenticeship":