Grenzebach propelling 3D Printing at NextGenAM

07.06.2017 - Grenzebach participates in the trend-setting aluminum 3D printer project at NextGenAM.

The innovation project "NextGenAM" (Next Generation Additive Manufacturing), organized by the aviation industry supplier Premium AEROTEC, the automotive manufacturer Daimler and the 3D printing specialist EOS, has the ambitious goal of printing 3D metal from niche to serial production. The project started in Varel in Lower Saxony at one of Premium Aerotec’s locations. As a solution supplier to EOS, Grenzebach is a key contributor to the 3D printing production. The L1200S, an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), was launched in Lower Saxony and directly contributes to the 3D printing production. The focus in Varel is on the automation of 3D printing from order planning up to the processing of components. 

"In the new innovation center, quantum leaps in production come into reach thanks to digitalization. We are very proud to participate as the supplier of the automation technology", said Stefan Grenzebach, CFO of the Grenzebach Group. Grenzebach not only supplies the modules for the automation, but also focuses on the integration of processes related to the manufacturing of 3D printed component parts. Grenzebach is partnered with EOS for automation.

NextGenAM, which Premium Aerotec, Daimler and EOS support with a total investment of six million Euros, focuses especially on the 3D printing of aluminum parts. Public authorities, as well as numerous guests from business and politics attended the inauguration of the Varel development center.