Grenzebach Digital GmbH

26.02.2019 - Becoming the market leader for industrial IoT platforms for the building industry is what the recently founded Grenzebach Digital GmbH in Augsburg is striving for.

Becoming the market leader for industrial IoT platforms for the building industry is what the recently founded Grenzebach Digital GmbH in Augsburg is striving for. The innovative new member of the Grenzebach Group profits from the extensive know-how of the medium-sized high-tech company as a technological leader with its customized automation solutions for different industries all over the world. “For the last 50 years we have been known for continuously finding new technologies”, says Renato Luck, CEO of the Grenzebach Group. “In this case, we were our own customer.”

Team of developers establishes subsidiary

In early 2016 Grenzebach was looking for a digitization solution for its own product portfolio. Since the company was not able to find a solution on the market that would meet its requirements for compatibility and expandibility, Grenzebach developed its own solution. This digitization platform had so much market potential that Grenzebach decided to form a subsidiary.

“With this digitization platform our customers are capable to completely interconnect their production across all systems. We are able to easily integrate higher-level systems, such as ERP and/or machines of other manufacturers. For the first time, all value-added process levels of production can be digitally interconnected and sustainably optimized”, explains Luck. “We also address  other mechanical engineering companies with our solution so they can offer digital values added to their customers. Just like we do, they often ask themselves, how they can offer digital solutions without having to disclose sensitive information or process know-how.

Open to all branches - working within a network of partners

With the newly founded Grenzebach Digital GmbH, the Grenzebach Group combines the basic development activities for Industry 4.0 while working within a network of partners. “The team of the new Grenzebach Digital GmbH supports the company of the mechanical engineering with digitization - starting with the consultation for transformation up to the realization of projects. At the same time we are maintaining the core business units of our company group”, says Renato Luck, CEO of the Grenzebach Group.

Focused on Grenzebach’s digitization platform

Number one focus for the newly founded subsidiary company is the internally developed digitization platform, a sustainable software development environment which receives positive feedback from customers, partners and experts alike. Grenzebach Digital GmbH uses this competitive advantage - not only customers and their buisness units will profit from the technological leadership, but also partners that are integrated into a network.

Development platform with numerous advantages for the customers

The innovative industrial IoT platform is readily available to the customer as a software solution to digitize their production. Nearly all machines, sensors and systems can be quickly and easily connected and managed – independently from the manufacturer. Furthermore, the customer can digitize their products with active support from the experts at the Grenzebach Digital GmbH. “Companies of all sizes and branches need quick and easy solutions with a clear value added – open to further development in the future. This is our core task”, says Dr. Clemens Weis, CEO of the Grenzebach Digital GmbH. A software development platform that is available to the customer to quickly create new functions and applications. Cutting down on development time, resources and money are some of the main advantages for this target group. Nearly independent from staff fluctuations in-house, customers can create elaborate systems world wide, e.g. for the operation and the maintenance of production facilities all over the world.

Maximum protection for company’s know-how

In spite of this singular flexibility for the integration of external systems, the Grenzebach solution offers maximum safety. “Every customer is able to flexibly configure, extend and manage the digitization platform on their own”,  explains Weis. “Therefore, customers do not have to disclose relevant process know-how and are not depending on external service providers”.

Extending the lead

The CEO of the Grenzebach Digital GmbH is convinced of the future viability: “From the get-go, we are working within a network of partners. They continuously make new applications and micro-services available via the digitization platform to which all customers have access. Right away, augmented reality, predictive maintenance or block chain applications with a clear value added are available”. Working within a partner network provides new pulses on a constant basis. Since the start of the Grenzebach Digital GmbH in January, Grenzebach and its partners have successfully integrated more than 50 experts. The cooperation with universities is another bulletin point on the agenda for the team. “Grenzebach has started its journey into the digital future early on. We are looking forward to continuing this journey with our customers, colleagues and new partners”, says Dr. Clemens Weis.