For the sixth time in a row: Grenzebach awards STEM prize for outstanding scholastic achievements at the Modellschule Obersberg

26.07.2021 - This year, two students from the Modellschule Obersberg happily received the popular STEM prize awarded by the Grenzebach Foundation and Gren-zebach BSH. The award ceremony took place on a smaller scale this time.

BAD HERSFELD/ Germany. The annual Grenzebach prize for outstanding scholastic achievements in the STEM subjects (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) was awarded by Nancy Fiebig-Weisheit, Human Resources Manager at BSH GmbH, on a smaller scale this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Dalia Schreiner and Luis Malkomes, both top of the eleventh grade at the Modellschule Obersberg, received the popular prize. Karsten Backhaus, Principal of the Modellschule Obersberg, was pleased: "I am always happy to see the beaming faces of our students during the award ceremony. The STEM area is extraordinarily exciting and promising. If you work and research in the mathematical-scientific sector, you make an active contribution to the improvement of our society." After the awarding, Nancy Fiebig-Weisheit adds: "I am pleased that we, as a regional automation specialist and partner, are once again able to inspire and support our young talents in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology with the STEM award - even in these exceptional times."

Supporting STEM young talents and educational institutions

Since 2015, the non-profit Rudolf and Maria Grenzebach Foundation and the local Grenzebach BSH GmbH award the popular STEM prize to students with extraordinary achievements in the mathematical-scientific subjects. The STEM award is endowed with 350 Euro and awarded once a year to the top students of the eleventh grade of the Oberschule Obersberg. A part of the award money goes to the school. "As an educational institution, we bear a special responsibility for young people in our region. We want to give them perspectives and get them excited about future topics. We need a place for them to be able to learn freely, to thrive and discover the secrets of our world. Therefore, we regularly expand our technical equipment with the prize money from Grenzebach or use it for excursions and trips for our students", explains Corina Klose, Head of the Mathematics and Natural Science Department at the Modellschule Obersberg.

Grenzebach and the Modellschule Obersberg are planning to extend their partnership

"Strong together for Bad Hersfeld" is the motto of this long-standing partnership. Since 2015, the Modellschule Obersberg and Grenzebach are working together closely. In the middle of the year, Franz Josef Wilbois, CEO of Grenzebach BSH GmbH, welcomed Jörn Breitkreuz, Deputy Headmaster of the Modellschule Obersberg, Corina Klose, the responsible Head of Department, and Sabine Trapp and Sebastian Kiehl, two additional representatives of the STEM team at the Modellschule, at the Grenzebach site in Bad Hersfeld. During a tour of the company, the guests could gain an insight into the different areas within the company, from the laboratory and technical center to the manufacturing, IT and electrical engineering. Corina Klose is impressed: "We appreciate Grenzebach's support in bringing technology to life for our students - whether in the form of internships, company visits or lectures. The theory is one thing, practice is another. I am happy that we are thinking ahead together, moving forward and filling our partnership actively with life." In the future, Grenzebach and the Modellschule Obersberg will continue to promote the STEM branch of the school with further projects.