ENVELON brings solar production to Bavaria: façade panels will be built in Hamlar in the future

22.09.2022 - On the premises of Grenzebach's headquarter in Hamlar, Bavaria, the company invests in a modern manufacturing plant for the production of ENVELON modules.

  • State-of-the-art automated production facility opened in the presence of numerous guests
  • Investment in the Grenzebach Group’s headquarters in Germany
  • Solar facade panel production capacity of up to a total of 300,000 square meters per year
  • ENVELON has been part of the long-established Grenzebach Group, which has more than 20 years of experience producing photovoltaic systems since 2021.



HAMLAR/Germany. It’s a significant milestone for ENVELON – on September 16, 2022, solar panel production was launched at the company’s headquarters in the Bavarian town of Hamlar (municipality of Asbach-Bäumenheim, Donau-Ries district). This marks another major step in expanding synergies with the Grenzebach Group, which the company specializing in photovoltaic facades has been part of since 2021. The new facility will initially create numerous new jobs at Grenzebach’s headquarters.

Grenzebach founder Rudolf Grenzebach, principal shareholder Sonja Grenzebach-Proeller, Dr. Steven Althaus, CEO of the Grenzebach Group, and Hans-Peter Merklein, general manager of Grenzebach ENVELON GmbH, opened the new production facility in the presence of numerous guests from the worlds of business and politics.

“We are proud of this forward-looking step. With its photovoltaic façades, ENVELON can make a major contribution to the energy transition in Germany, Europe, and overseas. This will help effectively combat climate change, which is an urgent necessity for all of us – and set the course for the future direction of our company.”


Dr. Steven Althaus Grenzebach Group
Dr. Steven Althaus CEO Grenzebach Group

ENVELON and Grenzebach create synergies “Made in Germany”

Grenzebach Group has already made an international name for itself in the past through the manufacture of solar panels and the construction of large-scale photovoltaic systems. Both companies want to innovate to meet the current and future challenges posed by climate change and carbon neutrality.

As Hans-Peter Merklein emphasized, the combination of Grenzebach’s know-how in glass production technology and digitalization and ENVELON’s start-up spirit results in an exceptionally effective combination: “By consolidating ENVELON production in Hamlar, we are remaining true to our ‘Made in Germany philosophy.’ We believe in the potential of our photovoltaic façades and are focusing on organic growth here in Bavaria.”

Significant demand from countries such as China and the United States highlights the need is for innovative solutions in the energy sector. Increasing technical efficiency and expanding public funding are essential steps for the further development of this sector, as ENVELON’s general manager explained: “In Germany, we still often only consider traditional roof-mounted photovoltaic systems. But to transition to a sustainable energy and heating sector, we need to exploit all potential a decentralized energy supply offers.”