Cold End with hot features

10.04.2019 - Grenzebach with new Cold End equipment for float glass lines for Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited in India.

Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited is one of the big players for the Indian glass industry and relies for service and operation of float glass lines at the cold end on Grenzebach. For their first line which has been running 24/7 for a decade now, a series of up-grades will be carried out to allow for a solid output and even optimized quality for the years to come. "To accompany the Cold End of float glass lines that are being operated 24/7, we stay in close contact with our customers. In discussions with experts from Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited, we defined a series of approaches to ensure long term availability, quality and efficiency", says Jan Lukassek, Sales Manager Glass for the Indian market for the Grenzebach group.

550 tons of flat glass per day

The order was received in fall of 2018 at the Düsseldorf glasstec, the largest tradeshow for glass. The revamping and modernizing of the Cold End technology will take place within the scope of a so-called cold repair, i.e. when the furnace is switched off and during a complete shut-down period. The production restart (start-up) is planned for 2019. After the up-grade, the equipment can produce up to 550 tons of glass per day.

New gantry device for jumbos

The Cold End, where the processing and handling of flat glass with a thickness of 2 to 12 mm happens, will be up-graded at different points:
The endless ribbon area which was operated with a king shaft is modified to a single roller conveyor drive. Furthermore, a new redundant line control system Simatic S7 400 from Siemens is part of the up-grade. The cutting bridge is modified and extended to a new cross-cutting bridge. At the Cold End, glass defects are automatically identified by a marking bridge. In addition, there will be a separate station for sample sheet taking. This station will be installed at the acceleration roller conveyor. Also, the roller conveyors in the main line and the sidelines will be replaced. And there is a new station for the snapping of inhomogeneous jumbo sheets. In the future, the jumbo sheets will be stacked with a newly installed gantry device.

Reliable and innovative at the Cold End

At Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited at the Roorkee plant, about 180 km north of Delhi, two float glass lines are under production – both with Cold End equipment from Grenzebach. The partnership has been ongoing since 2007. The first Cold End between Ganges and Yamuna started its operation in 2009; the second piece of equipment beginning of 2018. "Highest cutting and stacking accuracy, a low defect rate and highest availability of the equipment are critical for our float glass production. Grenzebach is a reliable and innovative partner to implement stable production processes. And the experts from Grenzebach also provide outstanding consultation and implementation for the Cold Repair", says S.S.R Murthy, Plant Head of Gold Plus Glass Industry. On two lines in Roorkee in the state of Uttarakhand about 1,300 tons of float glass are produced per day after the cold repair. In the Indian glass sector, Gold Plus Glass Industry Limited is one of the big players. The company, which sets the focus on today's production, processing and trading of various glass categories, was founded back in 1985.