Bavarian Minister Ilse Aigner visiting the Hannover Messe

27.04.2017 - The Bavarian Minister of Economics, Ilse Aigner, visited the Hannover Messe and seized the opportunity to take look into the future with Grenzebach.

"Bavarian Day" at the Hannover Messe, the world’s leading tradeshow for industry! On her tour through an exhibition hall filled with innovations and excitement, the Bavarian Minister of Economics, Ilse Aigner, stopped by the Grenzebach booth. Renato Luck, CEO of the Grenzebach Group, and Stefan Grenzebach, CFO of the Grenzebach Group, took Ilse Aigner on a journey to the Factory of Tomorrow.

In Hanover, Grenzebach is presenting a clear vision of the Factory of Tomorrow. The booth has a live demo showing an example of what tomorrow's human-machine-collaboration will look like providing a crystal clear picture of Industry 4.0: From fully automated production warehousing with Automated Guided Vehicles to automatic loading and unloading with Mobile Robots to process and system automation. All processes will be conducted by humans. Process chains which can be automated will be executed with the help of robots. Humans can intervene any time to communicate with the Automated Guided Vehicles and Mobile Robots.

Bavaria meets the World - Politics meet Economics:
During the Bavarian Day when high tech solutions made in Bavaria took the center stage, the Minister of Economics gave an opening speech at the joint booth "Bayern Innovativ". Just like two years ago, one of the high tech companies Minister Aigner stopped by during her visit at the Hannover Messe, was Grenzebach.