Automation with Utility

12.01.2017 - Grenzebach combines classic conveying technology with modern robotics. The automated guided vehicles permit automation of transportation tasks in warehouses as well as in production halls. At the booth D40 in hall 9, Grenzebach presents its innovative vehicles in a live show.

Strong, mobile, flexible and safe

By means of the automated guided vehicles (AGV) L1200S Grenzebach brings their customers to pole position. The vehicle transports loads of up to the quadruple of its own weight - i.e. up to 1.2 tons in length- or crosswise direction and can turn on the spot. Thanks to two laser scanners e.g. it is completely intrinsically safe. The certified sensor technology ensuring safety of people makes these automatic vehicles appropriate for all business environments and also for traffic with persons and industrial trucks. This makes implementation much easier, as no separate safety areas have to be established and thus less space is required. Thanks to its remarkably low construction height, the L1200S can move beneath any load carrying device (tables, trolleys, racks, shelves) and is able to lift them and transport them towards the indicated destination. The way leading there is determined by the Grenzebach "Fleet Manager". The drive concept of the L1200S is based on a load distribution concept developed by Grenzebach.

Besides its low construction height, the L1200S also stands out due to its diversified functionality. The optimum maneuverability ensures savings in space on logistics areas of up to 30% and allows integration into existing environments such as elevators, robot cells and conveying systems. In practical use, the vehicles are well-proven in inner-company "taxi" usage and "goods-to-man" order picking.

Forklifts - Efficiency in transport and lifting

Besides the L1200S, Grenzebach offers a fleet of universal stackers, the so-called Forklifts. They substitute the conventional forklift truck - without driver, without perils for your staff and moreover ensure reliable navigation. The forklifts can automatically pick, deposit and transport weights of up to 4 tons - and this, depending on the type, with up to 5 meters of lifting height.

The Forkover forklift e.g. has its supports directly beneath the forks - this serves for pallet picking from the open side (e.g. euro pallets). Its great benefit being the compact design requires an aisle width of not more than 2.8 m.

And even to highly sophisticated tasks Grenzebach can offer the perfect solution: the Counterbalance Forklift. Thanks to its counter balance this forklift can do without additional support legs - a professional system when it comes to handling of all pallet types and pallet cages as well as other transport goods such as rolls, barrels and containers. The ideal system for cooperation with automatic production machines.

Grenzebach is not only available at its exhibition booth, but provides further information in a specialist presentation. On March 16, 2017 on 2 p.m. Roland Jenning, head of Innovations will hold a lecture in "Forum E, hall 9" on the topic "AGVs in tomorrow's production environment".