Annual donation from Hamlar and Bad Hersfeld

07.04.2021 - Annual donation to a good cause: Employees and company again support social institutions in the region of Donau-Ries and Bad Hersfeld.

Employees and company support social institutions with a total of 9,700 euro. Beneficiaries are Caritas' food bank and their consulting service for homeless people in Donau-Ries, the children hospice association "Kleine Helden" in East Hesse, and Medikids in Bad Hersfeld.

Despite the pandemic, the Grenzebach Group, headquartered in Hamlar, keeps their tradition alive to support social institutions in the region: Their annual donation of 4,500 euro goes to Caritas Donau-Ries. 1,500 euro thereof are allocated to Donauwörth's food bank in Asbach-Bäumenheim and 3,000 euro to the consulting service for homeless people in the region. "I am sincerely grateful for this very generous donation to our institutions. Thanks to Grenzebach, we are able to organize our activities more independently from the tight public budgets", says Branko Schäpers, Executive of the Caritas association for the administrative district of Donau-Ries.  

A weekly number of 53 adults and children receive flawless, donated food at the food bank in Asbach-Bäumenheim. The recipients are, for example, families that receive social benefits, but also people with low income or just a small pension. Caritas' consulting service for homeless people was started in October 2020 and advises and supports people threatened by homelessness by organizing money to pay for rent arrears, or mediating between the tenants and landlords. Socio-educational support is essential in helping people to help themselves.

"Caritas shows important commitment with their food bank and consulting service to help people who permanently have to manage with little money, or people who are temporarily struggling. Grenzebach has a tradition of taking responsibility for the region, and that includes the annual donation, of course also during the pandemic", says Dr. Steven Althaus, CEO of the Grenzebach Group. The annual donation is comprised of donations made by the employees which are then topped up by the company. "In times of Corona, solidarity and social cohesion are grown to be even more important. I am happy that our team has again sent a powerful message", says Rosa Maria Schreitmüller, Chairwoman of the Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH works council. Part of the donations stem from employees foregoing their Christmas present.

Bad Hersfeld: Supporting ill girls and boys

Once again, as every year, the employees as well as the executives of Grenzebach BSH GmbH in Bad Hersfeld have not missed out on donating to a good cause. The company and works council have jointly decided to support the organizations "Kleine Helden" and "Medikids". The company topped up the employees' annual donation by the same amount, so that both the children hospice association "Kleine Helden" in Hünfeld and the Medikids association in Bad Hersfeld received 2,600 euro each.

The association "Kleine Helden" Osthessen e.V. supports terminally ill children and their families. On the occasion of the donation, "Kleine Helden" volunteer Rosemarie Müller recounts her work with one of the families. The children's smiles, she says, would always show her the value of her voluntary commitment.

Hans-Jürgen Schülbe, Executive of the association "Medikids" in Bad Hersfeld, will use the donation for their project "gute Fee" (“fairy godmother”). A social worker takes care of girls and boys who have to be treated in hospitals due to their illness. She plays with the children and helps them with their homework.

"The Corona pandemic has further strengthened our employees' awareness of the need for social commitment. We at Grenzebach think that, especially now, social commitment is very important, and it has always been one of our major concerns to support voluntary work for ill children in the region", says Franz Josef Wilbois, CEO of Grenzebach BSH in Bad Hersfeld. Simone Eidam, member of the Grenzebach BSH GmbH works council, reiterates this statement.