Advantageous Fleet at Quad/Graphics

09.08.2017 - Upon completion of the ongoing projects, the US company will have integrated more than 60 Forklift Counterbalance AGVs from Grenzebach.

From start to finish, print products, such as magazines and catalogs require many different process steps and the high-volume editions are quite heavy in weight. For its Intralogistics, Quad/Graphics, a global marketing services provider that helps brand owners market their products, services and content more efficiently and effectively by using its strong print foundation in combination with other media channels, relies on Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from Grenzebach. Quad/Graphics’ Sussex, Wisconsin, facility uses a total of 30 Forklift Counterbalance AGVs and placed an order for 30+ more for other Quad/Graphics locations.

“Quad/Graphics is committed to making strategic investments that help us improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operations,” said Daren Robarge, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing for Quad/Graphics. “The use of AGVs helps us optimize the movement of work-in-process, finished and supplied goods within our plants, while also freeing our employees to focus on more complex tasks – a win-win.”

From printing to warehousing to binding to picking – industrial printing requires long distances to be covered. Covering long distances takes time and time is money. The Forklift Counterbalance AGVs are quickly becoming an integral part of the Quad/Graphics’ operations – featuring beneficial man-machine cooperation.

“It‘s a nice challenge to accompany Quad/Graphics during the optimization of its Intralogistics fleet. Our Forklift Counterbalance AGVs are a good fit, cooperating with traditional forklifts as well as automated binding and palletizing equipment, which is typical for the printing industry,” explains Brian Keiger, CSO Intralogistics at Grenzebach Corporation. A special plus to the Forklift Counterbalance AGV: They operate without conventional support under the forks; ideal for picking, transporting and setting down pallets in hard-to-reach places - the perfect handling system for Quad/Graphics’ products and environment.