A meeting point for development, amazement and learning

28.11.2018 - Inauguration of the new Intralogistics Center with guests from the business and scientific community.

In the new Intralogistics Center at the headquarters in Hamlar, Grenzebach displays the capabilities of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs); development, amazement and learning all in 1,200 square meters. “We want to make Intralogistics a tangible experience for all participants – and join development and practical application at an early stage“, says Renato Luck, CEO of the Grenzebach Group, during the official inauguration end of November. With the Intralogistics team from Grenzebach, partners from economy, research organizations and universities toured the show room, in which mobile robots, such as lifting, towing and stacking vehicles work together. Automated Guided Vehicles, safe to personnel as required by the customer, provide an insight into Intralogistics within Industry 4.0.

Feasible logistics concept

In the show room, visitors can also watch intelligent shipping and returning of consumer goods with a goods-to-person system. The L600 vehicles from Grenzebach are quite agile moving between picking station and racks.

In the show room, different logistic concepts with different goods carriers and stations are feasible – the pallet reaches from powerful actions with heavy workpieces down to delicate movements. Visitors can witness how effortlessly a FL1200S is able to move wooden pallets.

Impulse from research work

“We also consider the Intralogistics Center a workroom to collect questions and requirements and to profit from feedback from our customers and partners, and to follow up on impulses from research work. This is how new innovations and ideas constantly influence further development", explains Uwe Dopf, Business Unit Head of Intralogistics. Training sessions for customers and shop tests for new developments for Automated Guided Vehicle systems, both take place at the Intralogistics Center.

How are these robust and versatile Intralogistics systems developed, who is responsible for the Grenzebach software Fleet Management, where are the vehicles for the Fleet manufactured and how do they relieve production? During the company tour in Hamlar, guests could find answers to all of these questions. On the Grenzebach production floor, two Automated Guided L1200S Vehicles transport equipment parts between the warehouse, metal sheet manufacturing, welding shop, mechanical processing and quality assurance.

At the end of a successful Intralogistics partnership day, participants headed to the Old Brewery in Mertingen to enjoy some culinary treats.