Working at our Athens location

The great Mediterranean weather is not the only good feature of our Athens location. The city itself has plenty to offer. Athens is a hub for modern technology; therefore our location has close links to the academical and tech ecosystem and provides access to highly skilled professionals, including the fields of robotics, machine vision applications and digital solutions, with an impressive scope of IT and project engineering services. The location produces technology for manufacturing and acts as a software solution provider for the Grenzebach Group. Time never stands still at Athens, and as the city itself, the location always has a keen eye towards the future, thus offering a wide range of development opportunities.

Working in our offices here, newcomers quickly discover the many infrastructural advantages: Our site is easily accessible by public transport with its proximity to the metro station, bus stops and main avenues. Also, you can reach the international airport within a short 30-minute ride by metro from the office. There, numerous flights are offered daily throughout Europe and its largest cities, as well as direct flights to the United States. Close to the city center, the neighborhood offers many bars and restaurants for your small or bigger breaks and after-work meet-ups. Italian pizza, Japanese sushi, or rather a traditional Greek dinner? The area has you covered. Supermarkets and shops fulfill your basic needs. For a bit of fresh air, parks, such as the Alsos Seferi park, or Papagos Grove with its Papagou Garden Theatre, surround the office and provide you with numerous possibilities to enjoy your afterwork free time, whether it is for a drink with your team or a relaxing evening with your family. If you want to blow off some steam, there are also gyms and sports clubs available.

Cholargos itself offers a wide range of schools and other educational institutions for families moving there with their school-age children surrounded by a family friendly environment.


Artistotle, Plato, Socrates – just a few of the great Greek philosophers known all around the globe for their contribution to science, engineering philosophy and logic. Not without reason, Greece is known as the birthplace of Western philosophy and democracy. If you want to follow in the footsteps of these great minds, Athens offers a wide variety of educational opportunities. Two big universities with a long tradition rank among the oldest and best in Greece: The National (Metsovian) Technical University of Athens (NTUA), also known as Athens Polytechnic, is the most renowned school of engineering. Students that pass the highly selective admission can study in one of the university’s nine academic schools, including electrical & computer engineering, mechanical engineering, applied physics and maths, metallurgical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, and architecture.

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), also referred to as the University of Athens, was established in 1837 and is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. In the spirit of great minds like Archimedes and Pythagoras, the university offers courses in Informatics, Mathematics and Physics as well as Aerospace Science and Technology.

Employees, who seek a new challenge, can profit from the proximity to these high-ranked universities and combine their work at Grenzebach Hellas with a part-time masters or PHD.

History and Culture

Athens is a modern city, which is still brimming with a vast background of history and culture. The Acropolis of Athens, with the Parthenon Temple at the top of the hill, might be the most famous sight and the one most associated with the Greek city. The monument for the city’s goddess, Athena (the goddess of wisdom), has been attracting visitors from all over the world with its characteristic architecture. However, this is not the only historically important sight in the culturally rich city: The vast Kerameikos Ancient Cemetery and Thissio, the impressive Odeon of Herodes and, of course, the Roman Forum, the Agora, once a social hub during Roman times and still a symbol for Western democracy. Ancient buildings, like the Agora of Athens, once the religious, political and commercial center of the city, are flanked by more modern sights, such as the Panathenaic Stadium, which hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

These places have many exciting stories to tell about the rich history of Athens, as do the numerous museums all over town: The Acropolis Museum, the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, or the newest museum by the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, the Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art.

Athens has far more to offer than history, though. For example, the Summer Nostos Festival at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC) is held each summer and invites locals and tourists alike to celebrate with music, activities, and dance. 

Festivals are a big part of the city’s character, including, among many others, the Athens Epidaurus Festival, featuring live performances in ancient theaters, the August Full Moon Festival with concerts and performances and the Athens International Film Festival.


If you want to escape the heat of the bustling city, you can visit one of Athens’ many scenic parks. Take a walk through the National Garden, a green archway reminiscent of the old Greek tales, stroll through the Botanical Garden, Athens’ green soul, or overlook the whole city from Filopappou Hill.

Want to get even further out into the great outdoors? The beaches and blue water of the Athens Riviera are easily reached from the city (and slightly further afield are places like Cape Sounion with the Temple of Poseidon, ancient Marathon, and the port of Rafina) help you cool off after a hot day in the sun, as does the Saronic Gulf, between the peninsulas of Attica and Argolis and part of the Aegean Sea.

Just a short distance from the office... find yourself face to face with an incredible mountain view and a paradise for hikers. The Mount Ymittos Trail forms the natural eastern boundary of Athens. Suddenly, the city around you will magically transform into tranquil forests and hiking paths. A bit further away you can take a trip to the famous banks of Lake Marathon, near the eponymous city of Marathon, which was the primary water supply for Athens in the 1930s. Or visit the Mount Parnitha National Park with its dense forest north of Athens. Whatever scenery you are looking for: Athens and its surroundings will show you how it has inspired people for centuries.

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