Job and position titles are often quite difficult to define. Andreas completed his electrical engineering dual studies with accompanying electronics technician IHK apprenticeship at Grenzebach and then directly started working there. His field of activity has changed, shifted or been refocused time and again since then. This is a sign of development, of growth and of accepting responsibility. It doesn't matter how you describe it, the fitting key words would be: agile teams. An agile team regroups depending on the task at hand and is thus characterized by its enormous flexibility. These teams are very efficient because they address and solve complex challenges creatively and productively. In reality, however, finding appropriate titles for individual employees is not so easy.

“If you are willing, Grenzebach will provide you with many opportunities to take responsibility, get to know different areas, and grow with your challenges. Describing a job title becomes irrelevant.”


Andreas Martin Teamlead Software/Platform Digital Solution

From console applications to production plants

Technology has always excited Andreas. He had his first PC experiences as a teenager, writing small console applications, i.e. command lines. It was already apparent that this would also be the direction he would take professionally. Electrical engineering was a natural choice, as it skillfully combines electronics, programming, and engineering. Two aspects of the dual study program were particularly valuable to him: "You already earn some money without having to do other part-time jobs while you're studying. You also gain practical experience from day one. This is worth a lot", Andreas says. His friends told Andreas about Grenzebach obviously only good things, otherwise he would not have chosen this company.

As a new Bachelor of Engineering, he started in the Handlings department of Grenzebach and soon switched to Innovations. His main job here was the development of a gantry friction stir welding machine. Over the course of almost a year, he helped develop the concept and software for the machine control system that regulates the welding process. "In a nutshell: We managed to get the machine running", Andreas summarizes. Several trips to China, the USA and Iran have given him valuable experience abroad.

Andreas Martin

"Being given a lot of professional and technical responsibility at a young age really makes you tough. It's rewarding to know that your employer believes in you."

Today's task: Digitalize production processes

Today, Andreas is a part of the team that handles the digitalization of glass production. Grenzebach's solution for this is called SERICY - the central system for the digital manufacturing of glass. This is a huge project, because Grenzebach aims to collect data across the entire production process, make it usable and derive optimization potential from it. This involves connectivity, measurement optimization, material flow, digital data handling and bug correction. Andreas is currently working on creating a solid foundation in the form of a state-of-the-art control system for a smooth, digital process. This is a task that will certainly keep him busy for the next few years, because a project like this is never really finished.

Family friendliness

What Andreas really appreciates about his employer is that it is genuinely family-friendly. "You can always voice your wishes, and they will be taken into consideration," Andreas says. "So far, we have always found a solution together." For example, he used to travel a lot abroad, but now he hardly does that anymore because he wants to see his children grow up. And although Andreas really regards his job as fulfilling and enjoys it, he is happy when he can switch off the PC at the end of a working day.

Andreas is in his early 30s and has a family. His two small children keep him and his wife busy. They family has just built their own house, and there is still a lot to do. He barely has time for any hobbies now. He used to play soccer, then go to the gym. However, there is hardly any room for this either. It's a phenomenon that many parents of small children are familiar with, because your priorities just shift. He always finds time for the Schuhplatteln though. This is just so much fun, clears his head and also keeps him healthy.