Automated picking Goods to person Solution

Goods-to-Person order picking – intelligent, flexible and ergonomic

With Grenzebach Goods-to-Person solutions, you automate your warehouse processes and get your goods to your customers quickly and reliably. You pick faster and reduce the error rate. In case of fluctuating workloads, you can flexibly adjust performance. And you improve ergonomics for your employees.


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Automated guided vehicle systems for Goods-to-Person order picking


Online retail is booming. With the increasing number of orders coupled with the expectation of ever shorter delivery times, picking goods is becoming more of a challenge.

Today, most of the associated warehouse processes are still carried out manually by people. For picking, for example, this means that employees walk through a warehouse that has items on shelves or trolleys to collect the corresponding products. This “walking time” is lost working time. The bottom line is that warehouse processes are slow and inefficient. Leading companies in warehousing and fulfillment are therefore turning to automation, especially when pursuing an omnichannel strategy with multiple sales channels.

With Grenzebach goods-to-person solutions, employees remain stationary at so-called pick stations. Automated guided vehicles transport goods carriers with products to these stations. The employees remove the relevant products and place them in order containers, such as shipping cartons. Clear displays support picking, thus preventing errors. Upstream and downstream steps in the order process, such as packaging and shipping, can also be integrated. Intelligent software ensures that warehouse processes and order processing are optimized efficiently.

Good for you and your customers

Optimized warehouse operation

An optimized warehouse not only saves space, it also enables faster processes: more order lines per hour means shorter delivery times. A lower error rate reduces incorrect deliveries and returns.

Flexibly customizable

Your warehouse is growing or changing? No problem. You can expand the goods-to-person solution at any time or flexibly adapt individual components. You can also relax and compensate for workload peaks.

Safe and ergonomic

Goods are stored and transported in a secure area. This reduces unauthorized access as well as risks for your employees. Our pick stations also take ergonomic criteria into account.

Intelligent logistics meets historic architecture: Swiss Post


All international letter post items containing goods are customs-cleared at the international letter center in Zurich-Mülligen. The automated guided vehicles (AGV) from Grenzebach work reliably as part of the intralogistics solution developed for the listed building by the general contractor Gilgen Logistics – so that the family mail or business letters reach their recipients as fast as possible.

Getting it right the first time: an achievable goal in eCommerce.


High rework rates due to wrong picks, too few order lines per hour and increased staffing requirements, especially challenging during peak times, represent one of the most common problems faced by eCommerce customers. Find out how you can master this challenge together with Grenzebach as your intralogistics partner.

Goods-to-Person system components


Grenzebach Intralogistics Partner

Automated guided vehicles

Automated guided vehicles transport goods carriers to pick stations for your employees. Depending on the requirements, vehicles with a payload of 600 kg or 1,200 kg are used.

Specific components provide the highest possible work and health protection of your employees, as well as fire protection*.

Goods carrier is transported to the picking station

Product carriers

Merchandise carriers for a wide variety of product types (SKUs) are designed and customized for specific projects. Examples include the storage of small parts in display boxes, the storage of larger components in small load carriers, entire cartons for heavy goods or hanging garments for the fashion industry.

Kommisionier-Station with Pick-by-light and Put to the light


The ergonomic picking stations are equipped with pick-by-light and put-to-light systems. A CE-compliant safety concept according to European standards and the corresponding hardware are also part of the holistic solution.

IIoT Platform SERICY on only one platform


The Grenzebach Fleet Manager coordinates all vehicle movements. Together with a powerful warehouse execution system, it ensures optimal transport and maximum warehouse efficiency. In addition, we offer integration with the Grenzebach IIoT platform SERICY. Your advantage: you control, monitor and optimize all your processes on a single platform.

Which Goods-to-Person solution is right for me?

White paper

In this white paper, you will learn more about the current underlying conditions that apply to automated goods-to-person solutions. Data and facts from the industry, as well as assessments by experts, will also be provided in order to create a more complete picture.

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Service with vision

Rely on us: 365 days a year, around the clock


Planning and commissioning a new intralogistics solution are only the first steps for us. You can rely on Grenzebach far beyond that – in the form of professional service and short response times in daily operation. Because we want your investment to keep on being profitable.


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You too can optimize your warehouse. Want to know how? Call or write us about your challenge. We look forward to hearing from you!

*The automated guided vehicles (AGV) from Grenzebach adhere to the relevant items of DIN EN 1175 (VDE0117). As per regarding point “b) …”, all circuits, which are connected to the 48V battery voltage and are electrically connected to the power source, have no connection to the drive frame. All control components supplied with ≤ 24V of voltage are galvanically isolated from the battery voltage (power source).