Driverless transport systems for in-house parts transport

Automated guided vehicles for in-house parts transport

Production and manufacturing are becoming increasingly complex. Their handling doesn’t have to be. Grenzebach automation solutions for automated goods transport bring technical intelligence to your processes – and the right components to the right place at the right time.


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Reliability and flexibility for complex production environments


Automation of in-plant parts transport holds enormous potential for increasing the efficiency of production and manufacturing. With Grenzebach as your intralogistics partner, you can exploit the full potential by bringing technical intelligence to your processes.

Our solution for automated goods transport: automated guided vehicles that intelligently link incoming goods, production, storage and shipping. Classic materials handling technology is enhanced or replaced by modern robotics and autonomous, highly available automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Common load carriers (tables, trolleys, racks, shelves) are transported to any location. With Grenzebach software, you digitally integrate the solution and benefit from optimal, reliable and flexible transport.

Your advantages:

Efficient material flow

You benefit from shorter, more predictable cycle times, as well as high reliability for just-in-time or just-in-sequence deliveries.

Faster response

Thanks to the high level of integration with existing systems, it is possible to respond more flexibly, faster and more predictably in critical processes than with a classic intralogistics solution.

Flexibly adaptable

The solutions can be implemented easily in existing environments and can even save space. Elevators, robot cells, conveyors or strapping systems can be integrated. And if your production process changes, the solution is flexible and easy to adapt.

Just in Sequence Manufacturing
Automatic parts transport for car manufacturers
Grenzebach Intralogistic automated goods transport

When no two car orders are the same


Cars today are no longer standardized models but are usually highly customized. As a result, manufacturing requires on-time delivery of precisely fitting components to workers and assembly robots in flexible manufacturing cells.

At a well-known German premium car manufacturer, the Grenzebach solution for automatic parts transport increases the reliability of just-in-sequence production.


2020 Logistics Award of the German Association of the Automotive Industry

Award-winning intralogistics

In 2020, the Porsche plant in Leipzig received the Logistics Award from the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). A Grenzebach solution for automatic goods transport is part of the logistics concept.

System components for automated goods transport


Driverless transport vehicles Grenzebach

Automated guided vehicles

Automated guided vehicles transport goods carriers to the specified location at the specified time. Depending on the requirements, AGVs with standard or omnidirectional drive are used. The AGVs are people-safe and, on request, can be equipped with a travel area monitoring system that avoids collisions with protruding objects. They carry a payload of up to 1,200 kg.

Goods carrier Grenzebach

Goods carriers

We have the right trolleys and tables for your requirements in our portfolio as standard models or will manufacture them to customer specifications. Your suppliers’ goods carriers can also be adapted to Grenzebach vehicles.

Peripheral position technology and transfer station


The overall solution includes, for example, the appropriate charging technology and transfer stations.

Grenzebach Solution IIoT Platform SERICY


The Grenzebach Fleet Manager coordinates all vehicle movements. Together with a powerful Warehouse Control System or your product control software, it ensures optimal goods transport. In addition, we offer integration into Grenzebach’s IIoT platform, SERICY. Your advantage: you control, monitor and optimize all your processes on just one platform.

Service with vision

Rely on us: 365 days a year, around the clock


Planning and commissioning a new intralogistics solution are only the first steps for us. You can rely on Grenzebach far beyond that – in the form of professional service and short response times in daily operation. Because we want your investment to keep on being profitable.


You too can profit

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