The conditions were a challenge: Following a fire at its main factory in 2021, Pollmeier Furnierwerkstoffe GmbH had to repair a destroyed veneer dryer as quickly as possible to avoid costly production downtimes. In addition, the dryer was to be upgraded with a stacker system, although no additional floor space was available for that. Grenzebach took up the challenge and successfully completed the project despite COVID-19 and delivery bottlenecks. Thanks to a customized stacker system with the latest scanner technology, the existing dryer was upgraded to an independent production line. The camera-based optical inspection system scans the veneers in an automatic, non-contact process. The downstream stacker system precisely stacks the dried veneer sheets on top of each other.

The project:

Our customer:

The Pollmeier group is a leading international producer in the solid wood sector. Its operations include Europe’s three most modern and highest-capacity hardwood sawmills. The corporate headquarter is located in Creuzburg (Thuringia), which is also the site of the world’s only laminated veneer lumber mill that also processes hardwood veneer.

The challenge for the customer:

As the blaze threatened to result in costly production downtimes, the damaged veneer dryer was to be repaired as quickly as possible – which was a major challenge amid the COVID-19 pandemic and in times of global supply chain issues. The more so as the project had to get underway immediately, without long planning or lead times. The greatest challenge the Grenzebach experts were faced with was the fact that although the available floor space remained the same, Pollmeier wished to equip the veneer dryer with its own stacker system, including a veneer scanner. The dryer previously had to share a stacker with another dryer line. Because of the extremely tight schedule, several parameters, such as the specifications for the scanner system, were not finalized until well into the project, which required the highest flexibility and regular planning adaptations.

The solution:

In close cooperation with Pollmeier, the experienced Grenzebach team successfully completed the project despite the difficult circumstances and provided the customer with a leading-edge veneer dryer. In the tightest of spaces, a high-performance stacker system with four lift tables was added for reliable and precise veneer stacking. The upstream veneer scanner was integrated for in-line inspection and thus ensures reliable inspection of the veneers.


Veneer dryer feeding with vacuum lifters
Veneer scanner detects and classifies veneer defects
Sample scan measurement screen

The solution package

  • The six-deck belt dryer can dry and process wood veneers of different sizes. The stainless steel conveyor belts allow difficult-to-handle beech veneers to be dried and prevent downtime caused by veneer jams in the dryer.
  • The integration of the stacker system has created a second production line that can be run independently of the stacker system previously shared with another dryer.
  • The software was developed and programmed in parallel with the planning and construction of the line.
  • The Grenzebach veneer scanner reliably detects, classifies, and logs defects in the veneers, such as holes or cracks, and sorts the sheets in accordance with the specified quality grades.
  • The system configuration, as well as all instruments and indicators, are tailored to Pollmeier’s specific requirements.
  • Almost all line components, up to the handling equipment, are from Grenzebach and match perfectly.

Benefits for our customer

Maximum flexibility

through processing of various veneer sizes and defect-based stacking of different quality grades.

High reliability

in veneer inspection with an ultra-modern scanner system

High efficiency

through flexible use of the production line and less waste.

High availability

through reliable combination and interaction of proven Grenzebach components. 

“Despite the limited space that was available, and even though, given the urgency of the situation, many equipment parameters could only be defined when the project was already well under way, Grenzebach has completed a highly flexible production line for us.”


PATRIK RODLBERGER Managing Director of Pollmeier Furnierwerkstoffe GmbH