A weld seam that doesn’t look like a weld seam!

Welding – loud and dirty, right? Not friction stir welding! Heat makes the material deformable, and a rotating tool stirs the material at the seam. In this way, FSW technology creates a homogeneous structure with outstanding properties. The whole process is emission-free!

When a weld has to be really tight, FSW is the method of choice. It joins workpieces in a reproducible pressure- and media-tight manner. FSW can be optimally integrated into industrial series production. The result is top quality that is easy to reproduce. Friction stir welding technology – an investment that will pay off!

  • Durable, media- and pressure-tight weld seams
  • High, reproducible seam quality
  • Low-warpage joints
  • No pores or hot cracks
  • No emissions and no auxiliary materials such as shielding gas, powder, or welding wire

What is friction stir welding?

A weld seam you can build on

FSW technology produces a weld seam that can withstand high mechanical loads and is extremely strong. It is ideally suited when the joined workpieces and components are to be used in structurally and safety-relevant areas. Friction stir welding produces media- and pressure-tight joints with low warpage.

New possibilities for designing components

Friction stir welding allows you to significantly improve your product. You have the opportunity to achieve completely new dimensions of optimization with this process step. You can assemble mixed joints to a high quality standard. Porous cast iron and uneven surfaces are difficult to process with conventional welding techniques, but not with FSW.

A welding process you can rely on

After many years in 24/7 production, FSW has a proven track record. High-quality parts are produced in series in various industries, from automotive to consumer electronics. Grenzebach’s experts have acquired unmatched know-how in numerous projects. We work every day to get even more out of this process for you. But we also know its limits. So we can reliably accompany you from the very beginning, even when designing the components.

Functionality of friction stir welding

How does friction stir welding work?

This is how FSW technology works, step by step:

1. Rotating welding tool
A wear-resistant tool is set in a spindle and rotates.

2. Immersion
The tool dips directly into the material to be joined.

3. Feed
Frictional heat is generated by rotation, so the metal becomes plastically deformable. Along the seam, it is stirred by the tool and finally compacted without ever reaching its melting point.

4. Removal
The tool is lifted off the seam. The result is a strong, media- and pressure-tight joint between workpieces.

Perfect weld seam during friction stir welding
High degree of automation in friction stir welding

Grenzebach – Your supplier for turnkey plants

We have always stood out for our holistic view of your projects and questions. From the very first idea, our experts advise you on the FSW process and support you in product design. As a global player, we offer you high-performance FSW equipment worldwide. We focus particularly on a high degree of automation combined with a very robust welding process.

Together with product developers and process experts on the user side, Grenzebach’s specialists are continuously developing FSW technology. In addition, we offer an extensive portfolio of systems to meet your requirements. Various system concepts are available – from gantry systems with customer-specific work areas to robots that weld 3D geometries. The Grenzebach portfolio is rounded off by individual component-feeding technology for integration solutions and MES connections.

Advantages of friction stir welding

When is friction stir welding right for you?

Why FSW?

FSW technology works particularly well with aluminum. It makes it possible to join aluminum alloys that are considered difficult or impossible to fusion-weld.

Combining different materials: friction stir welding is ideally suited for assembling mixed joints of different alloys; for example, when it is necessary to join sheet metal or profiles with die-cast aluminum.

Porous castings and uneven surfaces: force control also produces perfect material-to-material joints in this situation.With lap joints, other welding processes reach the limits of their capacity. With FSW technology, this can be done without any problems.

Friction stir welding – ideally suited for these industries and products

Numerous application areas

Highly diversified in-depth knowledge: Grenzebach has implemented projects with customers from numerous industries in recent years. The portfolio has expanded continuously so we can now offer solutions for concerns in numerous industries:

  • Power transmission/power electronics
  • Battery production
  • Rail vehicle construction
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive, especially for e-mobility: cast and extruded battery trays for hybrid and BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) models, heat exchangers and power electronics.

Thus, Grenzebach supports globally renowned suppliers, giving automotive producers (OEMs) a technological pole position with the components they manufacture.

Safely loadable battery trays

Friction stir welding is the perfect technology for cast and extruded battery trays. Lap joint welding is solved with flying colors. No settling is required during welding; the result are perfect circumferential sealing seams. The seams are highly loadable, so the battery trays can also be designed as load-bearing components to withstand crashes, helping to dissipate the impact forces.

Highly leakproof heat exchangers

FSW is the technology of choice for heat exchangers, because porous cast components are often used here. The cooling medium must flow well – and the heat exchanger must be perfectly leakproof at all times. The good news is that the technology has passed the pressure test. Until now, this often involved screwing and soldering – both very time-consuming – so FSW is a big step forward.

Friction stir welding for e-mobility

Friction stir welding for e-mobility

Crash-test-safe battery trays and heat exchangers

Technological change has arrived in the automotive industry. Mounting pressure to roll out low-emission vehicles is coming from the political arena.

Concepts such as driving on green energy are having a direct impact on work with aluminum. As a result, demand for the welding of cast components for the automotive industry is skyrocketing. One example is the manufacture of battery trays and heat exchangers. This is where green energy and green technology meet: friction stir welding is emission-free.


“Providing a comprehensive response to our customers’ questions and concerns has always been our hallmark. The FSW experts at Grenzebach support you with holistic solutions. We also know the limits of the technology – we are the right sounding board if you want to create something new on the basis of experience. From the very first idea, we can advise you on product design and process control, and we offer high-performance equipment to do so.”


Statement by Christian Herfert FSW partnership
Christian Herfert Head of FSW
Friction stir welding service throughout the life cycle

Friction stir welding: We offer service over the entire lifecycle

Service & Support

Our service doesn’t start only when you have a problem: it starts right when you choose Grenzebach as your partner. We’re your reliable partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your system. 24/7. Worldwide.

Grenzebach has already proven its competence with FSW technology and its advantages in several projects. We make this tangible for you through our services.

At Grenzebach, we aim to understand your challenges in detail during the project planning phase in order to achieve the best possible solution – together.


Discover what you can do with friction stir welding.

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