Warehouse management in production and logistics with the Warehouse Control System

The WCS controls and monitors your logistics processes in production and
logistics environments. This includes the management of goods carriers and material as well as the coordination of orders and contracts.

The system maps your complete warehouse structure, tracks every goods carrier movement, and offers an individual connection to your WMS or ERP systems. It can also keep track of complex material flow processes and automatically adjust them to avoid bottlenecks or errors.

Orders can be generated via a web-based application on the tablet. Thus, the WCS provides centralized control and management for automated warehouse and logistics processes to ensure high efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy. Additional modules for picking, replenishment, inventory and maintenance support you.


Your advantages:

  • Simple material flow control for production and logistics processes
  • Management of goods on goods carrier and item level
  • Simple connection for sensors, tablets and pick-by-light or put-to-light systems for order generation
  • Individual interface for connection to your WMS or ERP system
  • Full integration into Grenzebach's Fleet Manager
  • Intuitive operation thanks to simple, web-based user interface

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