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Sand, lime, dolomite and soda are all used to make the exceptional material that is glass. The ingredients melt at a temperature of 1,400 degrees Celsius, or 2,552 Fahrenheit and turn into glass. The basis is a liquid that remains transparent when it solidifies and is very stable. The float glass method is the most successful in the history of flat glass production, which goes back thousands of years.
Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO have been supplying production and processing machinery for industrial float glass from the very beginning. Since the 1990s, we’ve been technology pioneers in this sector.

Today, way more than half the panels of glass fitted in buildings are based on Grenzebach technology and/or produced by CNUD EFCO.

There’s no end to the variety of ways glass is used. But regardless of whether it’s architectural glass, automotive glass, patterned glass, thin glass, wired glass or customized glass, special machinery is required to make, fabricate and convey it. With over 300 systems installed internationally, Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO are hugely experienced in the sector.

Enthusiasm for glass technology

Enthusiasm for what motivates us starts with emotions.

Glass lets us gaze way out onto the horizon or view the world and what it has in store under a microscope. The material is thousands of years old and reveals new facets of itself each and every day. It fascinates and empowers us to work tirelessly on technological innovations so that we can help you exploit its full potential.

At the same time, we also want to team up with you to ensure that future generations can fully enjoy the appeal of glass. Glass can play a key role in combating climate change and making the  transition to green energy happen. For example, building modules that produce electricity from solar power. Today, waste heat from the manufacturing process can already be used as a source of energy. Hydrogen or electricity from renewable resources could run production lines in tomorrow’s world. Glass is naturally planet friendly. It can be recycled and melted down repeatedly while retaining all of its unique characteristics.

Our expertise in float glass production
Knowledge and experience in float glass production

A seamless glass engineering experience

Float glass

Profound knowledge and decades of experience deliver their full potential: Together, Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO create added value for the international glass industry. Consolidated expertise in flat glass production means innovative technologies, which are optimized through digitalization and energy-efficient operation for the future.

Glass coating technology

Glass helps define buildings, in terms of functionality and appearance

Coating Technology

Glass adds to our quality of life and standard of health, makes us feel comfortable and safe. Glass is an energy-efficient component and a practical means of protecting the climate. High-performance glass means that homes and workplaces require less heating and air conditioning. These are all aspects that stem from the unbeatable performance of coatings applied in the coater. Due to their composition, the coatings are so temperature stable that the sheets of glass can be bent or turned into safety glass at high temperatures.

Glass can be energy efficient, environmentally friendly, spectacular and safe. In terms of functionality and appearance, it helps define buildings. And we provide innovative technology so that you can customize the glass in your environment to suit your requirements.

Energy revolution with solar modules
High precision thin film solar production plants

Automated energy revolution


Solar modules are key components of the energy revolution. Grenzebach recognized this early on, and offers specialized and continuously improved production technology for solar module manufacturers. We offer the planning and complete automation of thin film solar production plants. We focus on high-precision and gentle treatment of the sensitive substrates. Our emphasis is on conveyor equipment and the back end for CIGS and CdTe modules.

Digitalization solution for the glass production

Our digitalization solution for tomorrow’s glass production


Digitalization has touched all areas of our lives, whether we’re using smartwatch payment options, writing a digital journal, carpooling or living in automated smart homes. Digitalization is opening the door to a spectacular future of glass production. So why not come on board?

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Our mission is to maintain your production machinery at a high level of availability. We want you to benefit consistently from technological improvements and modernizations. View us as a sparring partner who offers service that goes that extra mile and ensures added value for your plant.

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