Do you want to learn how Friction Stir Welding can help you improve your welding process?

Meet our team (booth W5480) at Fabtech 2024 from Oktober 15 to 17 in Orlando and get all the answers!

Our team will show how you can achieve the advantages of Friction Stir Welding:

  • Durable media- and pressure-tight weld seams
  • High, reproducible seam quality
  • Emission-free welding
  • And many more

Whether it’s gantry machines or flexible robotic systems – our solutions put you on the right welding track.

Make an appointment to talk to our experts and see best practices.

If you want to have information in advance, you can read our brochure or watch the mini videos of our experts answering the FAQs on Friction Stir Welding.

Take part in our competition and, with a little luck, win a $150 Amazon voucher: Come along and estimate the weld seam length on our exhibited component.

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