thyssenkrupp Steel relies on Grenzebach’s expertise and orders pilot electric melting furnace

21.03.2024 - Grenzebach and thyssenkrupp Steel enter a pioneering research partnership for green steel production.

  • Grenzebach to supply pilot electric melting furnace to thyssenkrupp for the production of carbon-reduced pig iron
  • Grenzebach’s electric melter had originally been developed for mineral wool production
  • The Grenzebach melter can be operated with renewable energies




HAMLAR, DUISBURG/Germany. Grenzebach, a leading supplier of process and production technologies, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a cooperation with thyssenkrupp Steel. thyssenkrupp Steel, a renowned steel producer based in Duisburg, Germany, has ordered a pilot electric melting furnace from Grenzebach. The melter is to be used for the research on carbon-reduced pig iron refining of steel and will help thyssenkrupp Steel achieve its goal of producing climate-neutral steel in the future. The kick-off took place on March 19, 2024, with representatives from thyssenkrupp Steel, the VDEh Institute of Applied Research (BFI), and Grenzebach. 

Melting – a process with a potential for transformation

Grenzebach’s electric melter, which is usually used in mineral wool production, will be modified for thyssenkrupp Steel to melt directly reduced iron (DRI) into pig iron. To achieve this, Grenzebach collaborates with Bluemetals GmbH, Germany. thyssenkrupp Steel is currently using coke-fired blast furnaces for the reduction and melting process of iron ores. The company has set itself the goal of achieving fully climate-neutral production by 2045 and thus wants to use renewable energies as fuel sources.

The pilot system is a significant step forward towards climate-neutral steel production. Grenzebach’s pilot electric melter helps thyssenkrupp Steel build up know-how and experience relating to the electric melting process that will be relevant to production later.

project partner from Grenzebach and thyssenkrupp Steel

"We are proud to cooperate with thyssenkrupp Steel and to contribute to the future because the future of the melting process will be climate neutral,” says Maximilian Hanf, Sales Manager Building Materials Technology, Grenzebach BSH. "The electric melter is a pioneering example of green technology and helps to reduce CO2 emissions sustainably and to achieve the set goal of establishing a climate-neutral melting process.”

A turnkey project with a future

This project marks the first pilot melter that Grenzebach supplies to thyssenkrupp Steel. The steel producer wants to use the pilot electric melter to gain initial experience and collect data relating to the melting process of DRI that uses renewable energies.

Grenzebach’s scope of supply for the turnkey project includes the melter and the construction of the building that will house it. Work on site at thyssenkrupp Steel is to start in December 2024. Grenzebach plans to preassemble as many components as possible in advance so the company can commission the melter in May 2025.

A pioneering pilot system that benefits both parties

Grenzebach’s pilot electric melter is an innovative, pioneering element in thyssenkrupp Steel’s future steel production. Equipped with green technology, the electric melter significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Both thyssenkrupp Steel and Grenzebach will benefit sustainably from the experience and knowledge gained from this project. They will both be able to make good use of it in their core business activities.

Hanf emphasizes: “This project is an essential step towards a sustainable future and demonstrates that Grenzebach provides the solutions and technologies needed to meet the challenges of the coming years. As a reliable partner of our customers, we keep our eyes on their needs and the challenges the future brings. Together, we think ahead and develop solutions that change industries profoundly.”

The collaboration between Grenzebach and thyssenkrupp Steel underlines both companies’ commitment to establishing a sustainable and eco-friendly melting process. Grenzebach is proud to be part of this innovative project and looks forward to working with thyssenkrupp Steel.


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