More economical, faster, safer: the new L1200S AGV

20.06.2023 - The new L1200S automated guided vehicle (AGV) gives intralogistics processes a boost to a new performance level.

  • The new Grenzebach L1200S automated guided vehicle (AGV) sets new speed standards
  • The autonomous vehicle can be used in almost all peripheries thanks to intelligent sensor technology and slam navigation
  • The extremely robust transport vehicle is designed for maximum availability in 24/7 operation with minimum loading times



HAMLAR/Germany. In the digitally networked smart factory, intralogistics has become one of the key success factors today. Grenzebach's new L1200S automated guided vehicle enables an even faster, automated transport of goods that can be efficiently adapted to today's flexible production infrastructures. The automated guided vehicle (AGV) for loads of up to 1,200 kg features a wide range of unique functions that enables maximum availability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in every respect.

What is the L1200S capable of?

  • Top speed – 2 m/s. With a maximum speed of 2 m/s, the L1200S is one of the fastest AGVs on the market and significantly speeds up intralogistics processes.
  • Slope drives of up to 5 %. With its powerful electric motors, the L1200S can even handle slopes of up to 5% - over a distance of up to 10 m without any loss of speed.
  • Travel area monitoring. The 3D vision system detects interfering contours as of 50 mm diameter and reliably prevents damage in transit caused by collision with obstacles in the room.
  • Staff safety. Blue light and modern lidar laser scanners reliably detect people in the driving area and provide maximum personal safety.
  • Autonomous load carrier detection. Thanks to the optional goods carrier detection, the L1200S can also detect inaccurately positioned goods carriers and pick them up autonomously with a variance range of +/- 250 mm.
  • 5G for real-time communication. Along with WLAN connectivity, 5G connectivity is optionally available and provides reliable real-time communication with the necessary bandwidth, coverage, and security.
  • VDA 5050-compatible. The L1200S is fully VDA 5050-compatible and can be integrated into any system with a VDA 5050-capable control station - even in combination with AGVs from other manufacturers.
  • Minimum height. The shallow height of only 330 mm facilitates safe driving under low load carriers even more.

Maximum productivity

The L1200S Automated Guided Vehicle is the ideal addition to the omnidirectional OL1200S by Grenzebach. Wherever 360° maneuverability is not required, the powerful autonomous vehicle offers maximum efficiency and availability.

“In all applications where only bidirectional travel is required, the new L1200S is the perfect solution for automated parts transport. Thanks to its pioneering speed, autonomous goods carrier detection, and travel area monitoring, the L1200S can significantly accelerate material transport in production facilities while ensuring maximum safety. This way, productivity in intralogistics can be sustainably increased.”


Philipp Marb from Grenzebach Group
Philipp Marb Head of Product Management and R&D Intralogistics at Grenzebach

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