König + Neurath receives an automated intralogistics system that adapts to growth – for independent further development

24.05.2023 - Grenzebach developed an open intralogistics system for the office furniture manufacturer König + Neurath and trained the customer to commission and adapt it themselves.

  • The new intralogistics system can be adapted and expanded at any time.
  • Grenzebach trained König + Neurath to independently make adjustments and even commission vehicles and stations.
  • The system is designed to expand in line with future requirements without immediately reaching its limits.



HAMLAR/Germany. In response to constantly changing work and production environments, office furniture manufacturer König + Neurath (www.koenig-neurath.com) was looking for a flexible, scalable solution to automate intralogistics in metal manufacturing. The company found the right partner in Grenzebach. In close cooperation with the customer, Grenzebach developed and installed an intralogistics concept with a universal control system, eight vehicles and thirteen stations. After a comprehensive training course, König + Neurath employees are now able to commission additional lines, vehicles and stations on their own.

High level of flexibility and independence required

König + Neurath is an office furniture manufacturer that designs working environments and work cultures. This holistic approach goes far beyond being just a supplier of tables and cabinets. The company is extremely customer-oriented and works only on a commission basis. König + Neurath is on their way to a matrix manufacturing.

At the end of 2020, together with a new high-bay warehouse, the decision was made to automate intralogistics processes with automated guided vehicle systems. In metal production, the individual process stages from the laser cutting machine to the edging machines to the paint shop needed to be more effectively interlinked.

This was associated with the wish for a high degree of independence. The company wanted to be able to make adjustments to vehicles, lines, stations and even commissioning itself in order to be more flexible.

Success Story Grenzebach and König + Neurath

Dirk Fischer, Head of Technology König + Neurath:

"We need to adapt our work environment on a regular basis. That is why we need an open, flexible system that we can adapt ourselves. We found this kind of solution only from Grenzebach."

Design, installation, and comprehensive training

Grenzebach analyzed the conditions at the customer's site, drew design plans and agreed on the customer's requirements to develop the desired intralogistics concept. The first step was to install the universal control system, eight L1200S vehicles and thirteen stations.

Test routes were set up for the comprehensive training of employees. Grenzebach qualified their customer to make adjustments and commissioning themselves. "We wanted to keep control of our own operations to such an extent that we could adjust a route or put a vehicle into operation on our own. It was only possible for us to implement this project in depth and independently because we made use of the training provided by Grenzebach and enjoyed an enormously close exchange along the entire way." says David Schuch, Industrial Engineering König + Neurath.

transition to the new system was smooth
AGVs travel around 160km per week
AGVs transport around 1,000 good carriers
David Schuch is excited about the new solution
Only Grenzebach fulfilled all expectations
AGVs offer high degree of indepence for König + Neurath

Design, installation, training, and commissioning have all taken place during the ongoing production. As a result, the production process was not interrupted, instead the transition to the new system was smooth.

The AGVs now travel around 160 km per week, transporting around 1,000 goods carriers. In spite of the high degree of independence of König + Neurath regarding adjustments and commissioning, Grenzebach will continue to be the partner in this process and will accompany them in the future.