Grenzebach India: Opening and Family Day

19.02.2024 - Grenzebach celebrates the opening of its site in Pune, India. The Grand Opening Ceremony is accompanied by a Family Day for the employees.

  • Manufacturing expansion in Pune, India, with customer and family event
  • Strategic expansion with investments and proximity to the region
  • Improving service and order processing for customers in the eastern hemisphere for the glass and building materials industry



PUNE/India. Grenzebach, a multinational leading automation specialist, announces the official opening of its site expansion in Pune, India. This strategic move aims to enhance the company's ability to serve local customers and further invest in the region and Asia. Grenzebach’s commitment to the area was celebrated with an internal Family Day event, followed by the Grand Opening Ceremony on February 15, 2024. The event was attended by esteemed guests, including customers, politicians, and top management from the Grenzebach Group. The occasion marked a significant milestone for Grenzebach as it solidified its position as a true journey partner to its clients in the eastern hemisphere in the glass and building materials industries.

Expansion with added value

With the expansion, Grenzebach is set to create approximately 30 new jobs, demonstrating its dedication to fostering economic growth in the area. The company recognizes the immense potential for development in the next five years and is committed to contributing to the region's prosperity.

The expansion of the Pune site, in conjunction with the existing Jiashan site in China, will enable Grenzebach to improve service and order processing for customers in the eastern hemisphere. By establishing closer proximity to its clients, the company aims to provide enhanced support and strengthen its relationships with customers in the region.

The newly expanded site boasts an impressive 4,500 square meters of floor space. This increased capacity will enable Grenzebach to accommodate the growing demand for its industrial solutions in the glass and building materials sectors and allow efficient operations to meet customer expectations.

Remarkable and momentous opening

“We are thrilled to open our expanded site in Pune and celebrate this momentous occasion with our valued customers, esteemed guests, and dedicated employees. This expansion reflects our commitment to the region and our determination to provide exceptional service to our clients. We are confident that our investment in Pune will further strengthen our position in the market and enable us to serve our customers in the eastern hemisphere even better.”


Dr. Steven Althaus Grenzebach Group
Dr. Steven Althaus CEO Grenzebach Group

The company’s expansion in Pune is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. The company remains focused on driving growth, fostering partnerships, and making a positive impact in the region and beyond.

Further information

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