An Internship during the Pandemic? Get to know Grenzebach digitally!

06.05.2021 - Interested pupils have the chance to complete a digital internship at Grenzebach and gain an insight into the working world of Grenzebach.

The automation specialist from Hamlar, Germany, is defying the pandemic: under the motto “internship @home,” interested pupils now have the chance to complete a digital internship at Grenzebach and gain an insight into the working world of a mechanical engineering company.

Many pupils don’t know where the journey will take them when they leave school. Youngsters are facing questions such as, “Which profession do I want to learn?” and “Where do I want to do my apprenticeship?” This is where an internship comes in as it offers an initial impression of potential future professions as well as the companies providing the training. Yet are there even companies offering internships during the pandemic? The family-owned company Grenzebach provides one answer to this question with its digital solution “internship @home.”

Digital Internship – Get to know us. Exchange. Construct. Get started.

“For us, internships are a key component for finding the right career. As an employer and especially as a company that provides training, we know how important it is to give people a career perspective. And that is how the idea for the ‘internship @home’ emerged. We want to give pupils a taste of what it’s like to work for an international mechanical engineering company, even during the pandemic,” explained Verena Geitner, Training Officer at Grenzebach. So, the Hamlar-based automation specialist transferred the on-site internship into the digital world, without further ado.

During a one-day online taster internship during their school vacation, youngsters can get a first impression of the Grenzebach Group and learn more about training at Grenzebach. As part of this digital offering, pupils can virtually get to know the training center and the various apprenticeships, from mechatronics technician to electronics technician to industrial mechanic. The internship @home allows pupils to talk to other apprentices as well as with Grenzebach’s training department. In addition, the mechanical engineering company delivers what the name promises – the day of the internship involves an engineering project: A few days before the start of the internship, the interested youngsters receive a package sent home by mail. In addition to information about training at Grenzebach, the package contains a construction kit that all participants assemble with an apprentice during the course of the taster day.

boombox parcel internship@home

Internship @home: A huge Success

Grenzebach conducted its first digital internship during the Easter vacation. A total of 18 pupils took part in this one-day taster. Luis Holzmann is delighted that the school drew his attention to this digital internship: “The internship was very entertaining and varied. I found it really useful that I could ask lots of questions. I now have a much better idea of what an industrial mechanic does.” The family-owned company is also in close contact with local schools during the pandemic, such as Staatliche Realschule Rain and Realschule Heilig Kreuz. “We value the cooperation with Grenzebach and were very enthusiastic when we heard about the idea of a digital internship. We are really pleased to be able to support our students in their search for their dream job together with Grenzebach,” stressed Joachim Düsing, Principal of Realschule Heilig Kreuz. The interns also found the job application training particularly valuable. The interns “went home” with a wealth of tips for their cover letter and the job interview as well as exciting impressions.

Round Two for the Digital Internship and Girls’ Day Digital

It’s round two for the digital internship: youngsters will also be able to get a digital taste of work at the automation specialist on three days during the Whitsun break (May 25, 26, and 27). And those who want to get an idea of training at Grenzebach in advance can follow the electronics technician Georg Bühler at #followfalk.

April 22 marked Girls’ Day Digital, in which the Hamlar-based company was also involved. “Every year, I look forward to getting girls interested in the mechanical engineering sector, especially on Girls’ Day. This year, the participants virtually found out all about our international group of companies,” explained Verena Geitner. The apprentices at Grenzebach also had their say on the day and spoke about their apprenticeships as electronics technicians, mechanics, and mechatronics engineers.

Grenzebach stands up to the pandemic: while others are sitting tight, the automation specialist is pushing ahead. In addition to the internship @home and Girls’ Day Digital, further digital offerings are also in the pipeline.