A carefree future with new drive technology

01.04.2022 - Siemens has finally terminated its Simovert Masterdrive drive system. Grenzebach recommends upgrade to the future-proof Siemens Sinamics system.

  • Siemens has finally terminated its Simovert Masterdrive drive system
  • Grenzebach recommends all customers upgrade to the future-proof Siemens Sinamics system
  • Step-by-step modernization means a smooth transition



HAMLAR/Germany. On October 1, 2020, the final curtain came down on the Simovert Masterdrive drive system: Siemens discontinued the product family. Although refurbished spare parts were still available for some time, they were only available in limited numbers and at sharply rising prices.

Consequently, Grenzebach strongly recommends that all customers upgrade their production plants to the current Siemens Sinamics drive system. This changeover will enable the continued reliable, trouble-free operation of the plants, especially concerning the unproblematic availability of spare parts.

Intelligent changeover concept minimizes downtime

As an OEM equipment supplier, Grenzebach can not only offer conversion to the latest technology, but also help to ensure that all steps in the production process continue to function without restriction.

An intelligent concept has been developed for the changeover to keep the interruption of production for customers as short as possible: first, the side lines get their turn then, in the second step, the main line conversion, which is associated with downtime, takes place. However, the service call is optimally prepared so that there is only minimal downtime when the upgrade is carried out.

The switch to Siemens Sinamics sets the course for high plant availability and safe production in the future. Whether for maintenance, spare parts, machine, or function upgrades: Grenzebach will continue to give its customers in the glass industry the best possible service.

More and more customers are recognizing the benefits of this upgrade, taking advantage of it, and thus making their glass production fit for the future.

Cardinal FG: Grenzebach proactively supports the customer

At Cardinal FG in Mooresville, North Carolina, Grenzebach updated the drive technology as early as July 2020.

“Grenzebach approached us and suggested we convert side line 3 to Sinamics early on,” reports Stephen W. Joyce, Electrical Engineer at Cardinal FG. “The rest of the line was already running with this drive technology. Being attentive to our needs and proactively suggesting upgrades is one of the reasons why we appreciate working with Grenzebach.”

The early modernization and standardization of the technology is are now giving Cardinal ongoing benefits: the system runs reliably and trouble-free; the installed parts are standardized and only need to be stocked to a limited extent – and the appropriate parts can be accessed on the market at all times.