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Right in the middle

Surrounding Countryside

Donau-Ries has lots of beautiful romantic little villages. The university city of Augsburg is only a 20 minute car ride and if you like to make a trip to the mountains, the Allgäu Alps are not far. If you are seized by Wanderlust, the airports of Munich and Nuremberg are in close proximity.

Nature in the location Hamlar Grenzebach



14 ½ million years ago a huge asteroid hit the earth and formed a giant crater with a breathtaking landscape that is known today as Geopark Ries. Then there is the Donauried, a unique river landscape at the foothills of the Alps. And the Franconian Lakes are worth a visit throughout the year. If you are rather aiming high, the Allgäu Alps are just around the corner.

Recreation at the location Hamlar Grenzebach

Activities that rock


The "Rockmusik Hamlar" club is right around the corner and known all over the Swabian rock scene. The local Bavarian associative culture suits every taste. Even if you are new to the area, you will have no difficulties making new friends. Getting to know the area? The ample cycle and hiking paths will help you explore the area. The countless lakes and hot springs offer recreational opportunities to swim.

Culture at the location Hamlar Grenzebach

Rich in culture


Right next to Hamlar is Donauwörth: The Reichsstraße and Ried with its Mediterranean flair invite you to take a relaxing stroll. The Käthe-Kruse-Doll-Museum is also worth a visit. Donauwörth organizes cultural days and the cabaret pub Thaddäus in Kaisheim welcomes you: "Stage clear!" Augsburg offers a wide variety of theater plays, such as the world-renowned "Augsburger Puppenkiste".

Family at the location Hamlar Grenzebach

Ideally cared for


From the first year of their lives all the way to their first semester at college, children around Hamlar are perfectly taken care of. How compatible are career and family? The area features an above average number of high-level day care facilities for toddlers with very short waiting periods. The same applies to day-care at schools. Another plus are local music schools that promote creative abilities.

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