Not only the tasks at Grenzebach are diverse and special, but also each and every employee of the global group of companies. But especially in the technical-commercial areas, employees need far-reaching know-how and a passion for digitalization and automation. They operate in a field of highly complex topics and challenges in an international environment. To be able to perform well in the long term, it is important to have a good balance in your free time. Four employees share a rather special hobby.

Traditional Bavarian dance

They wear Lederhosen, jump and walk in a circle synchronously, they clap their hands and slap their own upper legs, lower legs and shoe soles rhythmically with their hands. This is accompanied by Bavarian folk music played on an accordion in four-four time. The whole thing is called Schuhplatteln.

Andreas Martin, Markus Mair, Martin Appel and Michael Gottwald not only work for Grenzebach but are also committed to Schuhplatteln. Three of them have been dancing for a few years, Michael has been playing the accordion for much longer. It all started as a crazy idea, a joke. They wanted to exercise more, than someone started talking about "Bavarian Zumba" and they somehow ended up at Schuhplatteln.

Regular training with positives side effects

They have been training regularly in the local Trachtenverein for several years. The sport aspect should not be underestimated. You need stamina and a certain amount of coordination to get your hands, legs and feet in the right places to the beat. Anyone who has ever done any kind of choreography knows how much concentration and practice it takes to learn such a dance.

The positive, desired side effect is: The focus on movements, music and synchronicity makes all work issues disappear into the background. Neither software bugs nor special customer requests for production equipment nor optimization possibilities in digitalization play a role during this time. It clears the mind and simply is fun.

Shared fun is shared happiness

Nowadays they even perform with their group at local history evenings, district assemblies and festivals. The highlight so far was the performance on the "old Wiesen" at the Oktoberfest 2022 in Munich, where many Plattler and dancers from the whole district came together as a large group. Some of them are also involved in the children's and youth groups of the Trachtenverein and thus help to keep this tradition alive.

You can't help but smile watching their performance. This Bavarian joy of living is contagious. It just is so much fun, even though it may look strange to non-Bavarians.