"It's all about manufacturing", says a colleague about Iulian and hits the nail on the head. Iulian-Ovidiu Corbu has been employed as a Mechanical Design Engineer at Grenzebach Romania S.R.L. for 3 years. He is passionate about learning on the one hand and implementing ideas on the other. Both are closely connected with each other.

From the vision to the development to the finished product - this process fascinates Iulian and that's why his job at Grenzebach is so perfect for him. At the moment, the 27-year-old is working as part of a team to revise and thereby optimize the heat exchanger in the cooling channel in the production of glass. The objective is to develop an annealing lehr with controllable cooling capacity that increases glass quality while reducing energy consumption. In other words, the company is looking for an idea on how to make the process even better. Iulian is working on the heat exchanger aspect. This is followed by engineering, i.e. the development of concrete measures with subsequent implementation, which includes testing and fine-tuning. In the end, Iulian is satisfied, when the product is functioning or the result is convincing. From vision to reality - that is very important to him in his job. He wants to make a difference, make things happen, and in the best case make the world a better place. In this case, for industrial customers whose glass production is improved and made more sustainable and, of course, end customers who receive the high-quality glass. And last but not least, for all of us benefit from reduced energy consumption.

“What impresses me most, in my work as a product designer as well as in my hobby, 3D printing, is the process from the idea to the development of the finished product.”


Iulian Corbu Mechanical Design Engineer

3D Printing: Trial and Error

Learning and development have a high priority for Iulian. He is still young, has so much ahead of him, and wants to be as prepared as possible for his personal and professional journey. That's why you get the impression that he wants to soak up as much experience and information as possible. What makes him special is that he doesn't stop at learning the theory, but takes the crucial step further and also implements it. Julian is fascinated by how an idea is turned into something real. This is also reflected in his unusual hobby, 3D printing. Here, he basically does just that: he has an idea of what he wants to make, then he thinks about how it might work and subsequently tries it out and learns as he goes until it matches his ideas. This is how he creates a wide variety, for example, lamps or even children's toys such as small caterpillars made of moving parts. To do this, he has a 3D printer at home the size of a conventional printer and creates very different objects and models. Sometimes he surprises colleagues with small gifts from his 3D printer, which can now be found throughout the company. At the moment, he is working on a car that which he will equip with an engine to actually make it drive. He has been tinkering, tweaking and optimizing for several weeks - a sign of his perseverance and meticulousness.

Well-equipped for the future

Iulian has been part of the Grenzebach team in Iași in northeastern Romania for almost 3 years. After completing his studies, he gained initial experience at a supplier in the automotive industry. In search of a new challenge, his path led him to Grenzebach. In addition to the new professional task, Iulian also enjoys getting to know new people. He gets along better than expected with his colleagues, even though most of them are significantly older than he is. He has found friends here with whom the contact goes beyond the purely professional and with whom he also spends time in his free time.

Perhaps his 3D printing experience will also be useful to him professionally. At the very least, he's certainly a trailblazer and knows his way around it better than most. He is also expanding his knowledge and skills in other areas. For example, he wants to expand his foreign language skills and learn English, German and French. He is also interested in leadership topics. This has given him a foothold in many important future fields: Automation, languages, new technologies, prototyping.

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