Occupational health and safety

No matter which industry or topic is at hand, we always support occupational health and safety. Our employees are our top priority which is why we lay great emphasis on preventative health care. We do our absolute best to provide safe and healthy work stations. 

Grenzebach Technology -
for healthy Industry 4.0

  • Safe man-machine collaboration 
  • Robots execute monotonous and ergonomically unfavorable tasks
  • Automated Guided Vehicles reduce the amount of walking required
  • Innovative topics create motivation

Safety representatives

  • The health and safety representatives supervise all processes at their location
  • The occupational safety specialist provides important information for the daily work on-site
  • The fire protection representative keeps harm from man and the environment
  • The laser protection representative educates on the use of laser systems according to regulations

Preventative health care

Occupational health physicians at Grenzebach are in charge of accident prevention and preventative health care.  The so-called “G-examinations” are scheduled occupational medical check-ups for employees designed for early detection and improvement of working conditions.  Something never missing when traveling: The Grenzebach first-aid kit. 

Ergonomic work stations

  • Height adjustable desks
  • Office desks with two monitors and head sets
  • Single place crane equipment on the shop floor
  • Specially coated floor for back-friendly working

Health care Plus

  • Flu shots
  • Bloodwork analysis
  • Blood pressure measuring
  • Special events, such as healthy back, feet measuring and thyroid test
  • Presentations on different health topics
  • Fasting and runs with your colleagues
  • Award for high degree of occupational safety
  • Zero lost-time accidents in 2016   2016
  • Commitment within the county of Coweta to improve occupational safety

Safety Performance Award for Grenzebach Corporation 

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