Protection of the environment and the climate

To maintain our source of life for future generations, we have to combine economic and ecological thought and action. Grenzebach’s motto as an internationally operating company: Think globally, act regionally. With respect to protecting our environment and climate, we do more than what’s required by law.    

With the energy from all solar panels installed by Grenzebach around the globe, we could:

  • Make Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’ travel twice through time
  • Drive 20 jet airplane motors
  • Replace 1,000 wind turbines

Environmental management

  • Use resources wisely
  • Use environmentally friendly materials and products
  • Environmentally sound disposal of waste
  • Own current production with photovoltaic roof-top installations

Way ahead

The friction stir welding (FSW) offers better environmental performance compared to other welding methods. No need for welding wire, protective gas and complex exhaust air systems. The technology is low in vibration, noise and emission and does not create optical radiation.

Enhanced energy efficiency

Grenzebach continuously increases the performance and energy efficiency of its high-tech equipment, such as the cutting and stacking part of float glass lines, the so-called "Cold End". Since the mid-70’s, electric power has been reduced by 25%, while compressed air consumption has been reduced by a quarter. 

Utilizing solar energy

  • Photovoltaic modules on Grenzebach company buildings
  • With a performance of 1 MW
  • Annual returns of more than 900 megawatt hours
  • This allows to save 640 tons of CO2 per year
  • Coating systems for different climatic requirements
  • Energy/heat is kept inside the building
  • When the sun shines, the heat is kept outside
  • Economic and ecological building management 
Coating technology for architectural glasses with function:
Grenzebach makes architectural glasses more efficient and environment-friendly

Energy-efficient construction and living

Production technology from Grenzebach produces all building materials required to put together an energy efficient and modern house. Wood chips and saw waste are used to produce high-quality and environmentally friendly materials to go into the insulation of buildings. Yesterday's newspaper will become the cellulose insulating material applied on-site with blowing machines.

Remote service instead of excessive travel

  • Many years of remote machine and equipment maintenance
  • Connect from Germany onto equipment in China, the US or Saudi Arabia
  • Error analysis, troubleshooting and software updates
  • Replaces unnecessary traveling

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