Thank you for your interest in joining our team! Below please find frequently asked questions all about your application with us. You have a different question? No problem! You can contact us any time.

  • I would like to apply for more than one job posting. How do I do that?

    You can submit your application directly to the different Grenzebach locations. Applying with more than one location will in no way affect the application process. Simply apply to the job advertisement for the available vacancies.

  • What happens to my application and how long will it take to receive an answer?

    HR will review your application in a first step and forward to the individual department if your resume fits the qualifications. We always try to get back to the applicant within two weeks. If the department you applied for would like to invite you for interviews, the entire process from submitting your application to potentially receiving a job offer, can take up to three months. The time it takes to process your application can vary and depends on different factors relevant to the individual job posting. Scheduling interviews can sometimes be challenging depending on how many employees are involved in the interview process.

  • What type of application is preferred?

    We prefer paperless applications either through our online portal or through email, if indicated in the job advertisement. That’s the easiest and fast way to apply.

  • What are the technical requirements for an online application?

    For the online application you will need an updated web browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Documents you would like to upload cannot exceed 10 MB.

  • Can I still edit my online application after I submitted it?

    With your login you can access and edit your online application at any time.

  • I forgot my login. What do I do?

    In case you forgot your login, simply click on “Forgot password” below the login and create a new password.

  • Whom should I direct my application to?

    The job postings list a contact person. If you decide to send a spontaneous application, make sure to direct it to the HR department of the respective location. If you should have further questions, you can reach us at +49 906 982-2000.

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