Creating new opportunities during your studies!

Grenzebach is an internationally operating company with projects in all corners of the world. Despite our global position, we have retained the unique culture of a mid-sized company. Internships at Grenzebach are a great way for students to gain real world experience and figure out which way to go later in life. Oftentimes, internships can turn into full-time employment with great career prospects. Many former interns at Grenzebach are now working in responsible positions across the company.

Internships abroad

  • Work for Grenzebach at our China or U.S. location
  • Take charge of assigned projects
  • Improve your language skills and expand your knowledge while working in an international setting
  • At our U.S. location in Newnan, you will be sharing a house with other interns

Two annual scholarships at the Augsburg University

  • Grenzebach scholarship for technical study courses
  • Trendsetter in the Donauries region
  • In collaboration with the University of Augsburg
  • Two annual scholarships

University cooperation

  • Intensive collaboration with universities
  • Grenzebach AGVs in model factory of the Augsburg University
  • Students from Georgia Tech in Atlanta for exchange semester in Hamlar

648 engineers & technicians
....stand for high-tech at Grenzebach.

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  • International perspectives
  • Awarded employer
  • Wellness programs
  • Work-life balance
  • Join the orchestra of the Grenzebach Buam