Wood Technology

In the year 2002 the GRENZEBACH company took over the Babcock-BSH formerly Schilde company. As a supplier of drying systems for the peeled and sliced veneer industry who also furnishes the associated feeders and unloaders, grading and stacking systems, vertical slicers, high-efficiency rotary (staylog) slicers as well as special solutions, GRENZEBACH BSH is the ideal partner of the wood industry worldwide.


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Belt Dryer

With its Series 4000 belt dryer GRENZEBACH BSH presents a new generation of dryers. The new belt dryer has been specially developed for drying difficult wood species, such as poplar, without any loss in quality.
This is ensured by gentle veneer transport through the dryer between two screen belts, free from jams, which makes the GRENZEBACH BSH belt dryer an excellent choice for drying thin peeled veneers.

GRENZEBACH BSH belt dryers are built with working widths from 4,000 to 6,200 mm. They can be combined with various feeding and unloading systems and with all heating systems currently available.
The modular design allows the dryer length to be adapted to the customer's production requirements.

Through optimised air flows with precisely matched fans and high-efficiency heat exchangers the GRENZEBACH BSH Thermojet® dryers combine high throughput rates with minimised energy consumption. Excellent thermal insulation is provided by an improved lagging system (120 mm) and a dryer floor panel that is insulated throughout.
The new design does not need any chains and sprockets inside the dryer, which minimises maintenance.
The dryer belts in the cooling zone can be separated from those in the heated part to minimise energy losses.

The operators enter the different drying parameters via touch screen monitors on the control panels. These parameters can be saved as "recipes", making reliable operation and control very easy.

The world's largest belt dryer with a working width of 6,200 mm and a heated length of 50 m comes from GRENZEBACH BSH.